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In December 2021, we made a fearless prediction: Pink will be the It color for kitchen cabinets in 2022. And while we still stand behind swathing your cupboards in a warm blush or rosy mauve (and, of course, still-trendy sage green), we didn’t see our forecast play out exactly as we expected. Instead, over the past eight or so months, we’ve witnessed yellow kitchen cabinets dominating renovations. Yes, you read that right, and there’s a shade for everyone: Dijon mustard lovers (more on this later), cottagecore aficionados, modernists, and more. So consider this our (second) official plea to leave plain white kitchen cabinetry in the past and infuse your space with a bit of brightness.

Surprisingly enough, we’ve seen more and more daring homeowners paint their kitchens happy. Cabinets that were once merely containers of chaos have now taken on a new life as beacons of optimism in the home’s most-used space. Whether it be a set of lemony drawers paired with purple subway tile or golden scalloped shelving straight from our Little House on the Prairie dreams, it’s clear that people everywhere are willing to give the cheerful tone a shot. Here are seven ways to lend yellow cabinets your own personal touch.

Must Be Mustard

Atlanta homeowners and condiment connoisseurs Sarah and Scott found the perfect shade of creamy yellow for the cabinets in their Georgian-style townhouse, and it just so happened to imitate their favorite sandwich spread: Dijon mustard. Yum! This slightly muted take on the sunny tint is a great option for those of us not yet ready to venture into the world of neon. Paired with modern-looking cabinetry and impressive marble surfaces, the duo’s choice appears natural and welcoming. 


A Modern Pop

Fear not, modernists, you can keep your sleek lines, structural furnishings, and cool grays while still adding a touch of fun. Take notes from this Mondrian-esque setup. The radiant upper cabinet doors contrasted with open nooks creates an effortless-looking storage solution. No huge color commitment necessary. 

Almost Orange

Feel free to toe the line between deep canary and burnt orange. For Londoners Emily Jane Lathan and her husband, Dan, this warm hue was the perfect replacement for the outdated brown cabinetry elected by their home’s previous owners. While all traces of the old millwork are gone, including the knobs, they didn’t desert wood altogether. Apparently, butcher block countertops pair seamlessly with this buttery tone.

Mellow Yellow

The genius secret behind this citrusy pop? It works in tandem with other colors. When architects Jody Beck and Ross-Alan Tisdale started on their clients’ kitchen design, multihued cabinets were a unique way to create an effortless organization system. Unfamiliar guests will catch onto the system quickly. “The idea that you can be like, ‘Grab the silverware in the mint drawer’ or ‘The trash is in the blue cabinet,’ to identify them by color—I love that,” says Beck.

Get a Grip

Congratulations, you’ve decided to color-block. If you’ve still got concerns about your space reading as overly busy, ditch the hardware. In her nonfussy kitchen, Sophia Cook opted for integrated handles on the lower drawers and cabinets, and a palette inspired by her yard’s autumn foliage. Take this fall-inspired scheme as your sign to not stop at one shade. 


It Was All Yellow

Photography by Simon Upton and Design by Salvesen Graham.

This charming space, designed by London-based firm Salvesen Graham, is a testament to how good this trend can get…especially when combined with other details like adorable scalloped shelving. This brightly colored pantry nook makes us want to create floral arrangements and flee to the English countryside. 

A Tiny Take

Small spaces can pack a big punch, too. If you’re dealing with a kitchenette, that’s all the more reason to elevate your storage. Invite the light in with your favorite shade and take a page out of this homeowner’s book with a teeny sink curtain for a more traditional touch.

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