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The Internet can be a dizzying place for parents to navigate when they’re in search of the latest (and greatest) kids’ stuff, which is why we like to rely on word of mouth for uncovering hidden gems in the 12-and-under category. Aside from the best deals our editors Slack about on the daily, this week we’ve been gushing over an attic transformed into a playroom-slash-treehouse, the chicest sand-castle mold we may have ever seen, and early Memorial Day sales starting at Crate & Kids.

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Whimsical Wallpaper: Sian Zeng Magnets and Stickers  

SianZeng Magnetic Woodlands Wallpaper, Etsy $422 (Bright Idea)
Sian Zeng Magnetic Woodlands Wallpaper, Etsy ($422)

When designer Melinda Trembly went about transforming the attic of her clients’ Southern California home, the objective was to create something magical for their two grandkids. Trembly’s inspiration drew from the imaginative escape of a treehouse, so she needed equally whimsical walls and ceilings for play. The search led her to London-based Sian Zeng’s interactive magnetic wallpaper, which comes with removable attachments in the form of flying pigs and cute woodland creatures and dry-erase bubbles. Honing in on the treehouse effect, Trembly added a Serena & Lily swing to provide the perfect reading nook. 

For the Beach: Zara Home Castle Bucket 

Zara Home Castle Bucket
Castle Bucket, Zara Home ($10)

Plenty of us have memories of building sand castles at the beach with small molds and flimsy plastic tools that could easily get swept away by the ocean or forgotten when it was time to head home. Instead of packing a random assortment of toys this summer, reach for this single bucket. All your kiddo will have to do is fill this one up and the entire fortress will be built at once—and you’ll be able to free up more space in your beach bag. A win-win. 

Early Holiday Deals: Up to 55% Off at Crate & Kids

Rattan Toddler Rocking Horse, Crate&Kids
Rattan Toddler Rocking Horse, Crate & Kids ($183 was $229)

Price tags are starting to dip over at Crate & Kids ahead of Memorial Day weekend—everything from bedding to nursery furniture is up to 55% off. Among the already well-stocked sale section we spotted Leanne Ford’s spindle wood baby crib (over $200 off), adorable dotted pillow shams, and this heirloom-quality wicker rocker. Timeless in design, its intricately woven natural rattan and cane form has earned it 5 stars from reviewers. “I was afraid it might be too small for my 6-year-old, who’s a bit on the tall side, but it’s beautiful and strong,” a shopper writes. “She will get on it and ride it for dear life, yet it’s still in one piece.”

Something New: Ever Eden Kids’ Hair Care

Everdeen Kids Hair Care
Kids Happy Hair Duo, Ever Eden ($54)

If hair washing is low on the totem pole of your kiddo’s list of priorities, consider bribing them with this cutesy set of shampoo and conditioner. While the formula is designed to meet the needs of a still growing scalp, the playful packaging is what’s made it a hit with multiple shopper’s children. “My daughter loves the fun packaging and how it smells. We are hooked,” one review reads. 

Frequent-Flier: State Travel Bags 

Logan Carry-On Suitcase
Logan Carry-On Suitcase, State ($220)

Finding suitcases and travel-friendly duffels for children that aren’t made out of cheap fabric or covered in cartoons can be a challenge. That’s why this State bag caught our eye. Not only does it don fun, gender-neutral color combos, the inside reveals pockets and zippered compartments that rival Mom or Dad’s own. We also love that it’s made from 45% recycled materials and part of the profits go toward the brand’s support initiatives for American children and families in need.

Calming Cuddles: Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow 

Small Weighted Pillow
Small Weighted Pillow, Quiet Mind ($179)

If your child loves the embrace a weighted blanket can provide but struggles to carry it themselves from room to room, Quiet Mind might be just the ticket. Its small, 6-pound pillow is great for kids who are at least 40 pounds and struggle with being easily distracted or stressed. It’s also the perfect size to comfortably sit in their lap, doubling as a desk for homework. But our favorite feature is the fact that the cover is safe to toss in the wash, so you don’t have to worry about sticky snack fingers ruining the soothingly soft exterior. 

Sleepover Savior: Ergo Pouch Portable Sound Machine 

Drift Away White Noise Sound Machine, Ergo Pouch
Drift Away White Noise Sound Machine, Ergo Pouch ($55)

Those first few moments after putting your little one down for a nap can feel like walking on eggshells. To keep them snoozing longer, a noise machine can help, and this new version from Ergo Pouch is lightweight and compact enough to travel with you in the car or on vacation. It plays seven different soothing sounds, including a heartbeat and shushing, as well as good old white noise.