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Inviting a truly wow-worthy effect to the kitchen will typically involve a standout element or two—one that manages to instantly capture the eye. Enter: statement-worthy backsplashes.

Now we’re not talking about intricately patterned or vibrantly colorful tiles. Instead, we’re turning our attention to the prevalence of large-scale marble installations, which have been popping up in many of the homes we’ve seen as of late. Without having to take a heavy-handed approach to the design of the kitchen, this tile trend is all about making a major statement with less.

Extending from the walls all the way down to the counters, the seamless transition of material between the two surfaces results in a statement-worthy finish where the tile becomes more than just a functional feature. The uninterrupted format allows the stone to be appreciated in all its glory, void of the discontinuity that may result from traditional tiling.

Read on for the kitchens that mastered the large-scale marble finish with flawless flair and get inspired by the tile trend that’s taking 2019 by storm.

Pair it with blues

Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

Bold, bright cabinets are one way to make a statement in a modern space, but an equally captivating backsplash is yet another. In Susan and Ben Works’ colorful San Francisco kitchen, the design duo opted to extend the marble backsplash from the walls all the way down to the sleek counters to break up the tonal intensity of the cabinets.

Blend it in with neutrals

Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Pistachio-green cabinets and a waterfall island result in a pairing that has us seriously reconsidering muted neutrals. Spotted in artist Lourdes Hernández’s LA home, the ice cream–inspired scheme invites a gentle hint of contrast to the large-scale marble tiling, which easily blends in with the brilliant white walls.

Go sleek and contemporary

Photography by Matthew Williams

Streamlined minimalism is at the core of the design of this Brooklyn Heights kitchen designed by Studio DB. The saturated veining of the marble contrasts against the whitewashed walls sans overpowering the space with chromatically rich details. A handful of natural wood accent pieces invite a hint of warmth, while pops of matte black further elevate the scene.

Layer on the colors

Courtesy of Grzywinski+Pons

Not all marble backsplashes need be white or neutral—the vibrant bar in Edinburgh’s Eden Locke hotel is simply proof. The grayscale tiling comes paired with a soft blue-green wall paint, elevated with vibrant pops of color generously sprinkled throughout the space. Chrome fixtures invite a layer of interest while the sleek white stools soften the intensity of the overall scheme.

Integrate shelving within

Take things a step further and pair the marble backsplash with a set of shelves of the same material. Allow this chic two-tone kitchen, spotted on The Woodhouse Lodge, to serve as your primary source of inspiration. Given the dark nature of the tile, the shelves easily blend into the backdrop, allowing for a cohesive storage solution that plays to the carefully curated nature of the kitchen.

Think a high-contrast finish

Photography by Mike Schwartz

The best way to add drama to an all-white kitchen? A high-contrast focal point is definitely the way to go. In this ultra-contemporary Chicago home, the dark gray marble tile doubles as a transitional element that downplays the intensity of both the stark white walls and cabinets and the jet-black kitchen island and counter stools.

Juxtapose with wood

If you’re all for taking a mixed material approach to the design of your kitchen, take note from this Brooklyn Heights kitchen designed by Bespoke Only. The saturated depth of the wooden cabinetry provides a statement-worthy contrast against the sleek lines of the contemporary space. The large-scale marble tiling, flowing from the walls to the counters, establishes itself as an element of differentiation between the white walls and wooden finishes.

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