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It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact effect a backsplash can have on a kitchen. Pick a color that clashes with your cabinets and the entire vibe of the room will be skewed. Find one that seemingly matches and you may risk a washed-out feel sans a detail of personalization. For these reasons (among a handful of others) it’s safe to say that the backsplash holds a certain element of power over the aesthetic of the kitchen. Hence why it’s important to weigh out all your options when it comes to finding the perfect tile.

And so, in that vein, we set out to find the

backsplash alternatives

that will provide your kitchen with a unique finish, one that will be the envy of all your friends. All kitchens have a backsplash. Might as well make it one that you love. Take a cue from one of these genius ideas.


Who says your kitchen needs to be covered in tile? Opt for a soft wood look instead. Another wonderful use of wood in the kitchen, check out how Claire Zinnecker brought this texture into her space.

Stainless Steel

Add a lustrous detail by way of a stainless steel backdrop in lieu of the typical

subway tile

Aside from seamlessly blending in with the surrounding appliances, it also serves as the ideal finish for the kitchen that’s strapped for space and visual depth.

Geometric Simplicity

Sort of like subway tiles… with a twist! We love the unique shapes here paired with a cool color palette. (Artwork in the kitchen is always a good idea)!

Emerald Green Tile

These delicious tiles are almost like jewelry for your walls. Perfect for the kitchen with plenty of copperware. And while they may be a close to resembling a subway tile, the saturated color gives it an element of differentiation.

Scalloped Tiles

Scalloped tiles are in and we’re all for this trend. Why not embrace the style in the most used room in your house and give your kitchen a defined and dynamic finish that is sure to please.


In love with the penny metal? Go big or go home like this kitchen! Another fun way to play with copper, use it to cover an unsightly washing machine!

White and Gray Marble

Your kitchen deserves to be the classiest room in your home, so go for the gusto (a.k.a. marble)! Pair with mango wood counters to offset the sterility of the marble.

Colorfully Patterned

This beautiful multi-color tile is perfect for an eclectic home full of different textures and patterns. And if you’re feeling bold enough, pair the look with an equally vibrant sink or cabinetry.

Light Blue Herringbone

This simple herringbone pattern brings style and color into your space without being too overwhelming.

Chalkboard Paint

Lists, happy messages, and drawings can be drawn and erased repeatedly on this playful backsplash.

Recycled Glass

We’re always here for an upcycled moment, especially one that will contribute the kitchen with a color-charged detail. This style can add a playful touch to the space that’s feeling too serious.

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This article was originally published September 15, 2016.