Published on September 21, 2020

So you decided to renovate your kitchen—now what? It’s a pricey undertaking (the average cost is $14,000) and it starts from the ground up; the right cupboards can make or break a space. One route is going secondhand: It’s sustainable and generally cheaper than made-to-order. Though if you’ve scoured Craigslist and local vintage shops to no avail, there are still plenty of spots where you can track down your perfect pairing. To help you in your quest, we rounded up the top kitchen cabinet brands team Domino always looks to first. 

Looking for a simple base you can get creative with and make your own? Or would you rather have something with all the bells and whistles already slicked on? Between these seven brands, there’s something for every kind of renovator.

DeVol Kitchens

mint green kitchen with glass cabinetsPin It
Photography by DeVol Kitchens

Try if you like: Built-ins that look like antiques. 

The elevator pitch: We dare you to try to pick a favorite of DeVol’s four trademark designs. From mid-century English to hand-painted Shaker doors, the attention to detail on each elevates them from utilitarian storage to real focal points. 

The hero buy: The shiplap look-alike Sebastian Cox style is an easy way to bring texture to every inch of your kitchen. 

Plain English

antique yellow kitchen cabinetsPin It
Courtesy of Plain English

Try if you like: Cozy British style (and all things cottagecore). 

The elevator pitch: This traditionalist brand makes seemingly dreamlike kitchen features (a warming drawer, a larder with a marble shelf just for cheese) a reality. Plus everything is crafted by hand.

The hero buy: Since everything is so painstakingly made, there’s nothing ready-to-order—though Plain English does have three signature color collections. We’re eyeing its collaboration with Rita Konig, where saturated cupboard pigments like Cotton Pinny and Nicotine shine. 

British Standard 

white kitchen with black cabinets and multicolored pendantsPin It
Courtesy of British Standard

Try if you like: Traditional with a twist. 

The elevator pitch: Made from the same people behind Plain English, this is that brand’s more affordable little sibling. What it doesn’t sacrifice is craftsmanship: Thick poplar and moisture-resistant MDF panels make these pieces super-durable. 

The hero buy: It might look just like a simple glass front at first, but the subtle beading on the baseboard makes this cupboard feel fresh. 


simple white kitchen with stainless steel herb potsPin It
Courtesy of IKEA

Try if you like: DIY projects. 

The elevator pitch: Wallet-friendly? Check. Über-versatile? Check. Easy to spice up on your own? Check—IKEA’s cabinets are a budget renovator’s best friend. All you need are some new fronts to elevate the basic boxes. 

The hero buy: The Sekton system has a lot of famous fans, from Sarah Sherman Samuel to Alison Wu.


kitchen with dark wood cabinetsPin It
Courtesy of Henrybuilt

Try if you like: Architecturally influenced modular fixtures. 

The elevator pitch: It’s definitely on the higher end of the spectrum, but the brand’s ability to incorporate whatever add-ons your cooking style requires (from elaborate pantry shelving to integrated knife blocks in drawers) makes it worth the luxury price tag. 

The hero buy: Henrybuilt’s freestanding units are just as versatile. Check out the Primary Objects section—there are plenty of ready-made (and colorful) options to choose from. 

Naked Kitchens

green kitchen cabinetsPin It
Courtesy of Naked Kitchens

Try if you like: Punchy colors as the main attraction. 

The elevator pitch: Rich berry, emerald green, mustard yellow…splashy hues meet unfussy silhouettes in a selection of products perfect for the decorator who doesn’t want to deal with having to repaint.  

The hero buy: Glass cabinets get a contemporary revamp in this teal (though you can match the tint to any shade you like). 

Space Theory

simple white kitchen with teal cabinets and blue doorframePin It
Courtesy of Space Theory

Try if you like: Mixing and matching. 

The elevator pitch: This is the Choose Your Own Adventure of kitchen design: Customers are encouraged to flip through the full product catalog and cherry-pick their favorite components. 

The hero buy: Any of the clean-lined base units, which you can get in six different materials and color finishes. We’re loving the light wood paired with jet-black hardware for a high-contrast combo. 

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