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Renovations are pricey—those involving the heart of the home, even more so: According to the Real Remodeling Costs calculator on Houzz, the average cost of a kitchen remodel rings in anywhere from $13,700 to a whopping $44,100. So when you find little shortcuts that can save a few bucks, it’s best to go ahead and take them. Maybe it’s peel-and-stick tile for the backsplash you’ve always wanted or heading to a certain Swedish retailer for your new cupboards. The problem is, IKEA cabinet doors aren’t always the most stylish…and that’s where these companies come in. 

The brand’s cult following has spawned an entire generation of companies aimed at dressing up pared-back basics. You can get slipcovers for your Söderhamn sectional and legs for your Besta—though we’re most interested in the zhuzhed-up fronts that will transform the most basic of cabinetry. If you’re planning an upgrade involving IKEA cabinet doors—even if it’s not for a few months—these makers will convince you to ditch the sledgehammer. 


Pairs best with: The Metod system

The price point: It varies but is estimated at $877 for a small kitchen to $6,153 for a large kitchen. 

What it’s known for: If a colorful dinnerware collection is as bold as you’re willing to go, these are the fronts for you. Plykea offers three different materials—each customizable in a number of hues—but is best known for its classic Scandi style: simple, timeless, and categorically minimalist. They’re best served as is, sans decorative pulls or knobs


Pairs best with: The Sektion and Godmorgon systems.   

The price point: Since everything is tailor-made to your space, you’ll have to reach out for a custom quote. 

What it’s known for: Traditional but make it eco-friendly: The Portland, Oregon–based brand is so committed to sustainability that it’s one of the core values of the company. (It uses low- to zero-VOC paints and varnishes and relies on recycled plant fibers to round out its materials.) This means you can’t go wrong with any of the polished wood doors, but don’t sleep on the Townsend Home collection if you’re craving a deeper dose of color. 


Pairs best with: All IKEA kitchen systems. 

The price point: Individual pieces range from $76 for drawers to $1,504 for side covers. 

What it’s known for: The eccentric rich aunt of the kitchen cabinet family: There are luxe finishes, yes, but they’re paired with funkier features like color-blocked fronts and little round handles. This is because of the numerous architects and designers Reform routinely collaborates with, from Norm Architects to Cecilie Manz; it’s high-end on a budget. 


Pairs best with: The Metod system. 

The price point: Expect to shell out between $39 for a tiny drawer and $293 for a larger cupboard. 

What it’s known for: This collection is all about prints. Pick between fish scales, geometric shapes, and stripes to add a bit of texture in place of cookie-cutter IKEA cabinet doors—or mix and match your lowers and uppers for some real pattern play


Pairs best with: The Metod system. 

The price point: Husk quotes by kitchen not individual items—it calculates between $1,704 for a small space and $6,344 for bigger sizes. 

What it’s known for: If you suffer from serious shopping indecision, start here. There is exactly one front style, making for the ultimate no-fuss design. But that doesn’t mean the products are boring: You’ll have your choice of 19 colors, going from rich jewel tones to soft neutrals; just don’t overthink the details. 


Pairs best with: The Sektion and now-discontinued Akurum systems. 

The price point: From $12 to $190, depending on the size and style. 

What it’s known for: The Instagram-famous kitchens you see in all your favorite design stars’ homes. Semihandmade has teamed up with both Sarah Sherman Samuel and Chris Loves Julia for different lines, culminating in an offering that has those classic vibes—e.g., natural-colored wood and Shaker silhouettes—but also includes a few more playful options.  


Pairs best with: The Metod system. 

The price point: Starting at around $1,431 and topping out at $6,450. 

What it’s known for: For anyone looking for something punchier, don’t sleep on Holte’s vivid orange fronts and half-moon–shaped steel pulls (the cobalt shade is also a favorite). There are 120 total colors and six different handles, so if you’re on the hunt for something truly bespoke, you’ll find it in the mix.