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It’s Monday morning, and you’re less than pleased about the idea of being up at the crack of dawn—but you’re a trooper (with the minor inconvenience of paying rent to consider), so you head to your kitchen. There, you’re greeted with an embarrassment of riches: All your coffee essentials neatly grouped together, like your own personal in-house café. Do you go for an espresso or a pour-over? Which funky mug best conveys your vibe today? You need choice. You need an at-home coffee station. 

If this sounds like the ramblings of an aristocrat, we get it. An entire nook dedicated to your caffeine habit can feel like the height of opulence—particularly if you’re in a small space. But it’s worth considering if there’s the chance of a renovation in your future. Plus, this feature is having a moment: According to a recent Pinterest report, searches for “home coffee stations” are up 751 percent this year—which means, there’s now more inspiration for designing your own cappuccino corner available than ever before. 

It might not seem like much, but at 7 a.m., this little luxury is an instant mood booster. These spaces are currently high on our vision boards: 

Build in smart design to get the most out of your station. (This is especially helpful if you work from home and are constantly making pilgrimages to the coffee machine for a little jolt of energy.) For her custom creation, Emily Henderson went with doors that neatly fold away into the rest of the unit so she can keep it accessible. When everything is visible, a cohesive color palette is in order; Henderson stuck to simple neutrals to further elevate the whole setup. Mugs in timeless matte black and natural wood are sure to last you through many years of sunrise lattes. 

This Plain English–designed station is all about color. The burgundy cabinets are impressive enough, but a pocket of blush pink open shelving provides some gorgeous contrast. Go for a similar tonal color-blocked backdrop to differentiate a stretch of countertop from the rest. It’s sure to make you smile before you even take a sip. 

Athena Calderone is passionate about her 6:30 a.m ritual. She lights palo santo and pours herself some water before heading to her coffee station. The cupboard in question is immaculately outfitted, most noticeably with a stone inlay that both adds textural contrast and guards against spills. We also spot two different kinds of machines, which is a dedication to caffeine we admire.  

If you’re a flea market aficionado, put your skills to good use and scour the stalls for a vintage console or table to turn into a stand-alone spot, à la this space by DeVol Kitchens. You won’t take up valuable cabinet real estate, and you’ll have more freedom to add in whatever accoutrements you want because you’re not restricted by specific dimensions. How cute is that little peg rail? 

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