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After some trial and error, you’ve figured out how to keep your pothos alive. Now you’d like to take plant parenthood to the next level—so why not consider transforming your guest space into a garden room? It’s set to become one of 2020’s biggest trends, at least according to the annual Pinterest 100 report.

A garden room is basically what it sounds like: A space packed with as many plants as possible (and sometimes some nature-inspired textiles for an extra dose of greenery). To create one of your own, all you have to do is put up some hanging ferns, maybe consider installing a plant shelf, and throw in a leaf-printed pillow or two. This is a case where the more is, in fact, the merrier. Covering every surface will make your room, no matter how small, feel like a jungle retreat where you can hang out when you need a mental break.

This isn’t the only trend in Pinterest’s report that will help you make your home as relaxing as possible. Searches for indoor water fountains increased almost tenfold, and extra-deep Japanese soaking tubs an impressive 563 percent—so the best way to create a soothing space might just be to add in some water with all those plants. Mother Nature knows best.

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