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Soup season is upon us. And so is casserole season and roasted veggies season and pasta season. And it turns out you only need one type of bowl—er—plate for them all. Enter the blate

Ever since I first acquired a set of these shallow, coupelike dishes, I rarely reach for my dinner plates or cereal bowls. If I’m eating a meal while on the sofa—even if I’m having nonbowl foods like tacos or sushi—a rim to catch any sloppy moments is like a safety net for my upholstery

And because I’m a stylist, I have to say: Most food just looks better on a blate. If a soup or stew is on the menu, then you have all the more space for herb garnishes and a buttery piece of toast to rest on top. And if you’re making a composed salad or macro bowl, you have enough surface area to separate your ingredients. Most important, anything served on a blate is practically begging for its photo to be taken. 

With so many great options on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin. Which is why we’ve scouted the best ones out there, from earth tones to pastels. So clear some cabinet space and make room for your new favorite dining staple. And get your camera ready.

Earthy Delights

Clean Slate

Pretty in Pastel