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The anatomy of a well-styled bookshelf typically entails a handful of essentials. At the core of it, you have a curated scope of titles, often organized by theme, color, or book size. From there, small trinkets, art, and decorative objects will be thoughtfully layered in, and more often than not, there will be a selection of potted greens added in for an element of liveliness.

But when all is said and done, there is one particular staple that tends to go unnoticed: bookends. Often likened to a utilitarian staple, bookends are crucial to both the form and function of a well-styled shelf. The pieces ahead prove the decorative versatility and prowess of the underrated item. See for yourself.

Courtesy of Wallpaper

Zarazka Bookend, piece of GRAM, $155.40

The simplicity of this one is about as inspired as it gets. Its minimalist form is further elevated by a lustrous brass composition and intricate detailing.

Deep Blue Acrylic Bookend, CB2, $99.95

Its captivating color aside, this bookend’s sculptural qualities are met with a streamlined form and hint of whimsy.

Courtesy of Coming Soon

Monument Bookend, Chen and Kai, $190

Crafted of white Carrara marble, this unique pair exudes a bold dose of contemporary elegance.

Courtesy of The Future Perfect

Brass Patina Bookends with Polished Planes, Carl Auböck, $566

For the artful collector with an architecturally inclined style, these brass bookends possess equal parts form and function.

Courtesy of West Elm

Lava Rock Bookends, West Elm, $49

Handmade from lava rock, this subtly textured pair will provide plenty of support, both decoratively and figuratively.

Courtesy of Concrete Cat

Infiniti Unit, Concrete Cat, $80

Who knew cinder blocks could ever look so chic? This colorful concrete rendition promises a departure from the ordinary.

Courtesy of L’Objet

Cubisme Bookend, L’Objet, $195

Give your shelves the daring burst of style they deserve. These cubist-inspired bookends come in two chic colorways and boast a sleek metallic accent that seals the deal.

Courtesy of OYOY

Brass Bookend, OYOY, $49

Crafted of solid brass, this one emulates streamlined minimalism at its finest. Pair with a color-coded shelving situation and allow it to stand out even more.

Courtesy of Muuto

Compile Bookend, Muuto, $44

In true Scandinavian fashion, these sleek pieces are minimal yet impactful and will allow your collected titles do all the talking.

Courtesy of Wallpaper

Bookend, Paper, and CD Holder, Scandola Marmi, $109.20

The fact that this one comes with a versatile scope of functionalities is what really sets it apart from the rest. Well, that and it’s less than traditional form, which was inspired by the architecture of the Dome in Milan.