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While typical spring weekends are spent landscaping and firing up the grill, Neil Patrick Harris had a different idea last week. Instead of leaning into the concept of a lazy Sunday, the former How I Met Your Mother star built a greenhouse. While the backyard project was very much a trend at the beginning of the pandemic, it looks like the DIY has yet to lose steam. Harris shared a 29-second-long video on Instagram showing off his new structure, reminding us all that whether you’re a green thumb in need of a little more space to expand your flora collection or simply looking to maximize your time outside in the warmer months, this undertaking is worthwhile. 

Harris and his friend actor-director Michael Serrato constructed the glass-enclosed greenhouse from a kit he ordered online, but it wasn’t as straightforward as screwing the sides together. The building arrived in seven boxes and, as Harris put it, “20 billion pieces,” and took a total of three days to assemble. Based on photos that Serrato shared, it looks like the plant sanctuary was erected in the backyard of Harris and his husband David Burtka’s Hamptons home. It didn’t take us long to track down the exact prefab kit at Walmart. It’s a bit pricey, coming in at $4,000, but with no contractor or real construction know-how needed, it’s a worthwhile investment for those looking to further their gardening game. Now that the bones are built, it’s time for Harris to fill it with everything from humidity-loving ferns to Serrato’s pick of mango trees. We have a few suggestions for Harris and Burtka (and anyone else looking to take on a similar project) on how to keep things organized inside. 

Create a Crawling Display

To maximize all your precious square footage, try installing a tension or track rod across the pitched roof. This setup is ideal for taller trees or plants that love to climb—your philodendron thanks you in advance. 

Stack to Save Space

Rather than lug in solid worktables, craft shelves out of old pallets. The slats help with water drainage, and the preformed squares are more affordable than new wood—not to mention more sustainable and less labor-intensive to install.

Suspend Your Tools

For a chic storage solution, use woven baskets to hold everything from leftover soil to your favorite gardening gloves. 

prefab greenhouse
Hobby Gardener 2 Twin-Wall Greenhouse – 8′ x 20′, Canopia by Palram ($3,950 was $5,351)