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What makes a kitchen tool essential is personal: I can’t go near the stove without a pair of grill gloves, but my roommate swears by her garlic crusher. It girl and former Domino cover star Alexa Chung is a devotee of the salt bowl. Specifically a ceramic one shaped like a creature’s open mouth. Chung is known for being in the loop on everything (and everyone) cool, so it’s no surprise that the Monster pinch bowl is from none other than English design star Beata Heuman’s online Shoppa. In a recent Instagram Story post, Chung professed, “I really love this guy.” And so do we. 

Inspired by mythical sea creatures off the coast of Deia, Majorca, the countertop vessel makes cooking that much more whimsical— and simpler. A quick, one-handed grab is all it takes to season your favorite pasta dish or maybe crispy brussels sprouts. Plus you can clearly see how much salt you’re adding compared to using a traditional grinder. But we can also envision the container in the bathroom, with a mouthful of cotton balls or hair ties. Hand-poured, -glazed, and -fired and priced at $137, it’s the perfect gift for yourself (okay, okay, or someone else).

lion head salt bowl
Monster Pinch, Beata Heuman ($137)