Would You Decorate Your Home With Graffiti?

One editor makes the case for this cool style.

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Graffiti-ing your home may sound like a nightmare, but hear us out. We’re not recommending painting a massive mural in the living room (though if that’s your style, go for it)—rather, consider infusing the trend through simple accents that will go a long way and won’t look like unwanted vandalism. If you’ve been on the hunt for something that goes totally against the grain, graffiti decor will give your home an unexpected splash of street edge. Our Style Editor, Elaina Sullivan is totally on board.

“There’s usually one thing that sparks an idea for a story and sometimes it marinates for years until I’ve seen enough in the world to bring it to life. It’s like a visual scavenger hunt. And that was the case with this page—it was originally inspired by one of my favorite buildings in New York, 190 Bowery” she explained.

“I’ve always loved the juxtaposition of such grand architecture being absolutely covered in graffiti. In 2014, I visited a solo show at Mike Weiss Gallery for the artist Thrush Holmes and was obsessed his irreverent take on classical still life compositions using spray paint and neon lights,” continues Sullivan “Demna Gvasalia had tagged accessories in his F18 collections for both Balenciaga and Vetements. And—oh my god—the runway set for Balenciaga was an over-the-top street art phantasmagoria, reminiscent of Salvation Mountain.”

Sullivan also cites the Tbililsi-based brand Rooms, which released a collection of graffiti-emblazoned bus stop benches, and designer Matteo Pellegrino, whose collection of hardcore vessels she loves, as further inspiration.  

Inspired to add some edge to your home? Consider these items with chic writings on the wall.

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Hard-core decor for the fringes of society.

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