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When it comes to decorating your coffee table, you don’t want it to feel too cluttered or empty. What you do want, however, are a few key pieces that both look luxe and really speak to you.

So, we’ve rounded up our favorite coffee table decor items—and the best part is, they all ring in at under $100. Click through the killer picks in the slideshow ahead, and get your coffee table looking just the way you like it… at a price you like even more.

Louise Vases (Brass), Hawkins New York, $95

Add some flowers to your coffee table by showing them off in this super chic vase. The best part is, the vase comes in many colors—so no matter the palette in your living room, one of the available options is bound to work.

Palmarosa 3” Concrete Candle By Novel Studios, Opening Ceremony, $55

Splurging on a good-smelling candle can feel like a waste, but that’s not the case when the candle actually doubles as a decor piece. Plus, this one is made with a pure essential oil blend, which’ll leave your home smelling delicious.


Spun Bowl By Yield Designs, Need Supply Co., $48

This bowl was crafted from a single piece of copper, and is meant for proudly being displayed as a centerpiece on your coffee or dinner table.


Decorative Tray With Suede Finish, Zara, $49.90

Winning decor pieces also promote organization—which is why we love adding a tray to our coffee tables. This option is great because it both adds texture and is on trend, thanks to its pale yellow color.


A Year Magazine – 2003, Need Supply Co., $20

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to say the most with your coffee table is by way of magazines and coffee table books. As long as they have awesome covers, don’t be scared to get creative: Place a few out-there magazines on your table.

Hugo Natural Bottle And Beverage Coasters, Bloomingdale’s, $78

Keeping a set of coasters on your coffee table is a great way to both add to your decor and protect your table. We love this minimal set because it comes with a glass dish that’ll keep the coasters neatly stowed away when they’re not in use.


Haworthia And Ezra, The Sill, $32

Small, easy-to-care-for plants are an awesome and stress-free addition to any coffee table. Try a low-key plant like this one, which only requires water on a weekly or semi-monthly basis. We also love the super cute pot it comes in.


Alligator Trinket Dish, Imm Living, $44.49

While a tray is great for larger items like remote controls, vases, or even a candle, a trinket dish is ideal for smaller items. Feel free to place yours on top of your tray, in order to keep all your loose items in one designated place.

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