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It feels like I’m constantly being reminded of the fact that, at this point in time, I do not own a floor mirror. I have mirrors, sure—an ultra-affordable long wall mirror I’ve had since my college days that prevents me from leaving my apartment looking disheveled and a subtly bohemian accent mirror that has been the focal point of many Instagram posts. Still, I feel a need for a bigger, more dramatic mirror—one that rests on the floor and leans against the wall in a stylish way, the way I see demonstrated in Instagram photos that seem to dominate my feed.  

I promise: I don’t just want a floor mirror to take more mirror selfies.

Floor mirrors are a unique decorative accent. They cover a wall, though they’re not quite as labor-intensive to set up as a gallery wall. They make a room feel bigger—as most all mirrors do—but when leaned against a wall, they also add dimension that isn’t achieved by a mirror that’s directly hung on a wall. Simply put: They expertly toe the line between looking perfectly carefree and looking expertly styled. In fact, let’s walk through the specifics.


1. They Brighten Up a Space

How? It’s simple: When a floor mirror is positioned either perpendicular to or directly across from a window, it reflects sunlight, making your entire room brighter. This is major in both spaces that already get a ton of natural light and those that can get a little extra help. After all, there’s no such thing as toomuch natural light, right?

2. They Make Rooms Look Larger

A bright room will look larger than a dark room—that’s one way a mirror opens up a space. But there are plenty more ways mirrors and floor mirrors, in particular, can act as optical illusions. Placed in the right spot, they can mimic the look of windows or entryways, they can reflect an opposing wall, and, in turn, they can create the illusion of more space. Plus, when you opt for a taller mirror, it will draw eyes upward, which also makes your ceilings look taller.

3. They Bring Dimension to Plain Walls

When a floor mirror leans against a wall, it rests against it at a soft diagonal, taking up just a bit more real estate. In turn, it creates a bit more visual interest than a wall-mounted mirror would. So if you’re looking for the option that feels dynamic and perhaps a bit more experimental, opt for the mirror you don’t have to affix to the wall.

4. They Provide a Point of Interest for Minimalists and a Point of Calm for Maximalists

It’s easy to see why minimalists tend to love floor mirrors: They transform otherwise blank walls without adding anything that could be perceived as visual clutter, like a gallery wall or any number of wall decorations. But for maximalists, too, they’re a great accent that can increase the visual depth of a color- and pattern-heavy space, making it feel even more enveloping and wonderfully chaotic.


5. They’re Perfectly Personalizable

Virtually any kind of space can benefit from the addition of a mirror, but floor mirrors, in particular, offer a special kind of personalization. Whether you opt for a wall-leaning mirror or one with a base, you can accent it by draping it with lights or hanging a small collection of bags or scarves over one of its upper corners. Not just that, but you can also choose whether to let it speak for itself against a plain white wall or if it feels best surrounded by artworks. Floor mirrors can make your space, ultimately, feel much more personal, and I’ll admit that they’re a great place to take selfies.

Now shop our favorite floor mirrors below.

drommen 25.25_x67_ standing mirror
Drommen 25.25″x67″ Standing Mirror, CB2 ($299)

The neat wooden base of this German-designed mirror offers a simple mid-century look, while its rounded edges feel perfectly modern.

Metal Framed Arched Floor Mirror
Metal Framed Arched Floor Mirror, West Elm ($549)

If you don’t want to overthink it, this best-selling option is practically foolproof and able to fit in with any number of styles.


gloss floor mirror
Gloss Floor Mirror, CB2 ($499)

One simple brass accent at the bottom edge of this rounded-top mirror lends it a refined feeling.

Bellevue Floor Mirro
Bellvue Floor Mirror, Urban Outfitters ($699)

When in doubt, you simply can’t go wrong with an oversize, gold-framed option that’s guaranteed to transform a blank wall into a dynamic focal point.

Hub Floor Mirror, Umbra ($200)

Propped up by a three-rung ladder, this rounded mirror offers a bit of bonus storage space that’s perfect for a spare towel or throw blanket.

Ashton Mango Wood Mirror
Ashton Mango Wood Mirror, Urban Outfitters ($249)

The rustic wash of this mango wood mirror makes it an ideal addition to a rustic or bohemian space.


Floating Suspension Floor Mirror
Floating Suspension Floor Mirror, West Elm ($399)

A shadow box–style wooden frame brings added depth to an otherwise simple leaning mirror. Better yet, the warm brown wood is sustainably sourced.

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