Published on February 4, 2019


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They’re typically more likely to be found in an elementary school gymnatorium than an impressively designed interior, but the folding chair, as it turns out, is full of surprises, and it might just be one of the greatest things you can bring into your home.


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Yes, the gray metal structure or plastic black or white options may be what people traditionally considered to be average folding chairs, but in antique shops and online bidding sites, they come in striking styles. Breuer-inspired chairs offer a foldable alternative to the Cesca chair, and velvet-padded options present perfectly elegant fixtures, permanent or not. It’s perfectly easy to find high-design folding chairs that are easy to tuck away but also look great set out 24-7.

Going the vintage route can help you to score a serious deal on unique structures, but now, you can also buy some mid-century-inspired styles brand-new. Most folding chairs, both contemporary and antique, come at affordable price points, so you can upgrade your home on a budget.


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And when the desire to reconfigure your home strikes, you can easily fit these chairs anywhere. Consider them the new staple that you’ll always want to have on hand, whether you need an extra seat or just a place to rest your new favorite plant. Shop our favorites below.

If a traditional metal folding chair underwent a serious makeover, it would come out looking a lot like this sleek vintage option. The lightweight design suits both modern and minimalist tastes.

A little bit of kitsch never hurt anyone. This Seletti design is perfectly cheeky.

With a handsome, warm wood structure, this mid-century set of chairs is more of an investment, but it’s also totally timeless.

A totally clear structure makes this folding chair a dream for both modernists and minimalists.

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