Published on June 8, 2019

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photo by Marsel Roothman for Nadine Engelbrecht Architecture

It’s understandable if you haven’t given much thought to greenhouses. In the realm of design, these structures tend to fall behind the more enclosed areas of a home, like kitchens and living spaces. But if you think about it, greenhouses should be garnering much more attention than they currently get. For starters, they’ve historically been an ideal location for year-round gardening, which falls in line with the current trend of caring for plants.

Second, their build can be used as an incentive for bringing more light into nearly every room, which can create an intriguing design in the process. Now that these structures have your interest piqued, keep these eight instances of greenhouse inspiration in mind as you dream up your perfect home. We wouldn’t be surprised if a greenhouse to call your own becomes all you think about.

If you have a green thumb…

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photo by Chris Snook Design by Imperfect Interiors

The most straightforward reason for a greenhouse is to cultivate plants, so it would be appealing to those who are drawn to gardening of all forms. And we’re not just talking about easy succulents or more involved florals either. For centuries, greenhouses were utilized to grow vegetables and even trees, so you can get creative and use this space as a living area, too.

If you enjoy alfresco dining…

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photo by Marsel Roothman for Nadine Engelbrecht Architecture

As fun as it is to dine on an outdoor patio, weather and nature sometimes get in the way. After all, rain can unexpectedly fall, mosquitoes can suddenly swarm, and allergies can swiftly kick up. Manage those variables by creating a greenhouse that’s used as a dining nook. It will inspire plenty of alfresco meals without any of the potential natural disasters.

If you like to get up early…

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photo by ArsiIkäheimonen and Design by Linda Bergroth and Ville Hara

Rising with the sun would be no problem if you were to emulate the design of this greenhouse bedroom, which surrounds minimalist sleeping quarters with floor-to-ceiling windows. Fill empty corners with plants, of course, and be sure to wear non-embarrassing pajamas in case neighbors walk by.

If succulents are your jam…

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photo by Chelsea Bock

For those of us who have fallen in love with the colors, shapes, and relative ease of succulents, this greenhouse is ideal. Its simple dirt path, concrete planters, and wide collection of desert-friendly greens create a haven that requires minimal care.

If you have a thing for vaulted ceilings…

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photo by Craig Whitehead

A vaulted ceiling can appear particularly dramatic when lined with windows, as is the case with this moody greenhouse. The mix of mostly dark-hued greenery works well with the rusted and industrial details of the structure, making us reconsider the overall necessity of paint.

If you need room to work…

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Photo by Dmitry Sovyak

Don’t forget that greenhouses should have a designated place to get your hands dirty, like this example’s wide table on a dirt path. The station can be a spot to plant new sprouts or care for established greens that are looking a little droopy.

If you love unobstructed views…

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photo by Joe Fletcher for Malcolm Davis Architecture

Take a cue from the essential floor-to-ceiling windows of typical greenhouses and incorporate that transparency into a home’s design, much like in the case of this dining area from Malcolm Davis Architecture. Wraparound views of the outdoors can be a beautiful way to take in greenery if gardening isn’t exactly your thing.

If you’re a traditionalist…

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Photo by Toa Heftiba

Perhaps this oversize greenhouse is asking too much for most of our homes’ available square footage, even if it is a sight to behold. But if you’re someone who likes traditional touches, use this as inspiration. Hang ornate mirrors in a smaller greenhouse to make it appear larger, and then place antique finds throughout for a lived-in feel.

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