On October 6, actor and author Neil Patrick Harris will launch Wondercade, a weekly lifestyle newsletter full of his recommendations across travel, food, cocktails, and anything else he’s feeling at that moment. Or as he puts it: “I’ve done a lot of weird things, and I thought it would be great to find a single space where I could present my interests and passions to people who might be intrigued.”  

Thankfully for us, that includes home design—specifically in his East Hampton, New York, home, which he shares with husband David Burtka and their two children, and where he’s currently transforming the garage into a woodworking shop. “I’m doing an exorbitant amount of research on the best table saw, the best flooring, and the best dust-collection system,” he says, before excitedly adding: “Should I go pegboard or French cleats?!” 

Harris isn’t a stranger to getting dirty with a reno—he says he’s a fan of Dyson vacuums and Makita drills—but like any experienced homeowner, he has some regrets about projects past. “In our Harlem brownstone, we have a giant island in our kitchen, and I wish that we would have had the countertop overlap the cabinets that are underneath it,” he says. “Right now it’s flush, and had I only thought to have the slab be a few inches longer on both sides, then we could have had six more people sit all around the thing.” 


Another piece of design advice? “I think more electric outlets are better than fewer electric outlets,” he says. But that’s all Harris will give us for now. For the rest of his thoughts on decor and design, you’ll have to sign up for the newsletter