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Ask any interior designer where their inspiration comes from, and most will give the same answer: their travels. From Moroccan tiles to New York’s Art Deco architecture, there’s something about the details in far-flung metropolitan cities that stick with us. But which global hot spots have the biggest influence on our spaces? Atlas Ceramics conducted a study to find out. The pair of design capitals topping the list are no surprise: Paris and New York City. The third-place spot, however, isn’t so standard: Singapore.

By using data from Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, Atlas figured out where exactly people searched for ideas, without leaving the comfort of their sofas, over the past year. Singapore, specifically, seems to have climbed the ranks due to interest in Peranakan tiles (also called Majolica tiles). The colorful glazed squares, named for their popularity in Singapore’s Peranakan community and often depicting Chinese symbols, can be found brightening up homes, facades, and furniture throughout the city. 

In fact, there’s a Singapore shop dedicated to the material: Peranakan Tiles Gallery. Since the tiles are no longer produced today, the selection is a vintage treasure trove. Here are a few of our favorite designs.