Can You Guess the Most Popular Trader Joe’s Item in Your State?

One sauce is a clear favorite.

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Trader Joe’s is the Target of supermarkets. You walk in with a set list in mind and walk out with the contents of that list—plus about seven other items you definitely don’t need but couldn’t resist. It happens. On your next grocery store run, you might want to consider adding a few new products to your impulse buys, inspired by what others in your state are loving. Bustle just released a study created by software development company WorkWise, showing the most popular TJ’s item in each state, and the results are full of cult favorites, along with some products you may have never heard of.

To compile the list, WorkWise analyzed Google data in each of the 50 states (plus Washington, DC) to find patterns in the most searched-for products. One item is a clear winner, taking the number one spot in 13 states. Sweet Chili Sauce has seemingly captured the interest of everyone around the country, from Alabama to Virginia. It can be used as anything from a dipping sauce to a glaze for salmon—its versatility and the price will make it a new pantry staple, guaranteed.

Here are the top five most popular items around the country, according to search volume:

  1. Sweet Chili Sauce, 13 states
  2. Maracon Variés, 10 states
  3. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, nine states
  4. Key Lime Pie, four states
  5. Tie: Kung Pao Chicken & Spanakopita, three states
Courtesy of Workwise

Interestingly, most of the items on Trader Joe’s best seller list are absent from the report. Perennial favorites like the Mandarin Orange Chicken and the Spinach Artichoke Dip didn’t even garner the attention of one state.

The findings also provided a few products primed to become new obsessions. For example, if you haven’t tried the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups yet (New York’s most-searched item), you’re missing out. Further down the east coast, Washington, DC, seems to have an obsession with a peanut snack called “Bamba.” And if you’re looking for a new morning treat to add to your rotation, consider the Vegan Banana Bread. It’s Colorado’s most popular item and it looks delicious.

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