Courtesy of Studio McGee and Reset Your Nest

There shouldn’t be anything scary about opening up your kitchen cabinets, but looking for a water bottle can often feel like a dangerous pursuit. Have you ever flinched, wondering if today is the day your Hydro Flask comes tumbling out and smacks you in the face? The issue is, most of us store the drinking vessels standing straight up in an upper cupboard, but when one water bottle goes down, they all go down. The solution? We found it in Shea and Syd McGee’s kitchen. 

The Utah-based Studio McGee founders recently tasked professional organizer Jen Martin of Reset Your Nest with making over their pantry, and taming Syd’s water bottle collection was a top priority. The key to containment: wine racks. With the empty bottles stored horizontally in individual compartments, there’s no chance of them sliding out or starting a domino effect. You can find this type of product practically anywhere (Amazon, the Container Store, CB2) and in stackable versions, so you can customize your cabinet interior to meet your needs.

In the McGees’ space, Martin used a combination of two 3-inch-wide racks and two 2-inch-wide ones. Plus they can place their clear acrylic versions in the refrigerator if they prefer to keep them filled and chilled. 


Staying hydrated never looked so chic and streamlined. Here are some similar finds to get you started on your next pantry/kitchen overhaul.