The One Monochrome Paint Idea You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Monochrome’s moment appears to be here to stay. Spotted ad nauseam on the runways, in the Instagram feed of every trendy teen-fluencer you follow, and in paint trends (long live tonal blocking), one-color designs are an instant statement. But if you’re feeling like you’ve tried all there is to try when it comes to cool paint ideas, we’ve got a fresh take on the

monochrome trend

—have you ever considered matching your furniture to the wall?

Whether going all out with one-hue rooms or restricting your matching to a little corner of your room, this fun paint idea works equally well in small spaces and large. Here are our favorite interiors that have mastered this color trick.

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson


There’s so much stunning attention to detail in architect Costantino Affuso and designer Paolo Badesco’s antique-filled Paris apartment that it’s hard to pinpoint one vignette out as a favorite—however if hard-pressed, a strong case could be made for this relatively simple seating arrangement. Vintage chairs get a monochromatic overhaul via a fresh coat of powder blue paint that matches the back wall, door, and window.

Photography by Sight Unseen


Technically, built-in bathroom storage doesn’t entirely fall under the realm of “furniture”… but the dedication to millennial pink in this contemporary bathroom can’t be overlooked. Cabinets, painted in a shade of blush pink similar to the wall tiling, pair nicely with a light pink sink, contrasting patterned flooring, and even pink sconces.

Photography by Genevieve Garruppo for Plain English Design


One English kitchen trend we’re definitely stealing?

Open shelving

conveniently painted to blend in with the wall and featuring similarly toned kitchenware to make for quite the visual treat. Move over, whitewashed kitchens.


A velvet violet loveseat is usually enough on its own to steal the show in any space, but in this vibrant home, it blends seamlessly. It helps those super high ceilings and old-school architectural features balance out the zanier choice of bright purple walls, so if your own space doesn’t boast the same forgiving elements, maybe try confining this particular color to a little corner instead of an entire floor.


If you’re lucky enough to have a mantel à la Parisienne that comes with a built-in ornate wall mirror, painting it the same shade as your walls ensures that your smaller accent pieces, like the vases and candles littering this perfectly eclectic space, are the focus. If not, you can always purchase a basic white wall mirror somewhere (hit up your local thrift stores and flea markets for the best deals) and DIY it to your liking.

Photography by Leroy Merlin


Let’s face it: Red is a tricky color to pull off in interiors without it looking tacky. Restricting the red to one singular wall, drenching all attached furniture in an equally vibrant tomato shade, and offsetting the whole thing with crisp white walls and hardwood floors makes this look thoughtful rather than sloppy.

Photography by Martina Gemmola | Styling by Richardson Hall and Sons | Artwork by Mondocherry


Another fun paint trend to try now and liven up your home: two-tone walls. Pair it hand-in-hand with matching furniture like in this soft blue bedroom—offset by a bolder blue Mondocherry art print—for a design double whammy.

Take two on the two-tone paint trend. We love that both shades of blue are reflected somewhere in this living room; the pale blue, in the armchair, and the teal, in the tufted sofa situated directly in front of it for optimum visual impact.


Matte black paint is a daring look that not everyone is willing to try (though they definitely should). Paired with a similarly deep hued dresser, the drama is taken up a notch; softer, more natural elements like layered rugs and woven planters contrast nicely with this bold look.

Photography by Natelee Cocks | Design by Kathryn of House of Hawkes  


The sweetest little girl’s room, whose candy pink motif touches almost every component of the space. If you’re a fan of crisp white bedding, try bringing in color via your bed frame instead. If you have a metal or wood frame, try painting it; alternatively, upholstering a cloth headboard in hues that match the wall will make your white sheets pop all the more.

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