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Would You Try Ombre Floors?

How to master this colorful trend.

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Anything featuring a gradient design is sure to make a statement. Arranging your florals in an ombre fashion makes even bodega blooms look 10 times more expensive, gradient dinnerware, no matter the silhouette or material, looks instantly fancy, and painting your walls in ombre tones is always impactful. Which has us wondering: With seemingly all the design bases covered, what’s the next frontier for ombre?

It turns out that the next frontier may be under our feet. Ombre floors are a largely unexplored realm, and yet, after stumbling across a particularly fetching bathroom on Instagram that featured sunset hues in gradient tones and quite the breathless comment section, we’re sure this trend will be one that catches on quickly.

There are several ways to go about adopting this style. If you’re looking to upgrade what you already have, consider painting your floors in the color palette of your choosing. For those about to undertake a more thorough renovation, opt for tiles in a few different shades to make any bathroom or kitchen that much more impactful.

Below are a few of our favorite spaces that have mastered the ombre floor trend. Prepare yourself for serious chromatic envy.

The One That Spawned Our Obsession

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Photography by Tim Young | Design by Sophie Robinson

This is the sunset-hued gradient bathroom in question. Designed by Sophie Robinson, it’s the perfect example of how a bold floor can make even the simplest of bathrooms look magazine cover–worthy. While the rest of the space is kept fairly pared back—with only matte black fixtures adding a contemporary edge—the tiles really steal the show. Ombre pinks and yellows bring warmth to the room and make it feel completely bespoke.

The One Perfect for Small Spaces

Photography by Laure Joliet

Not everyone has the luxury of endless amounts of available flooring. Particularly in small spaces, it can be tough to find the necessary square footage in which to enact these statement-making design trends. If this sounds like your situation, look to more creative ways to try your hand at ombre flooring. This orange staircase is a lesson in ingenuity. It’ll turn even the narrowest of hallways into the focal point of your home.  

The One That Complements Its Surroundings

Sometimes, a statement can feel disjointed if it’s completely unrelated to the rest of the space. To avoid doing this, look to what already exists in your space and have your ombre flooring play off that. In this entry, the deep navy tones of the door and ceiling inspired the color palette of the flooring. That reference, coupled with blue accents throughout the room, provides continuity.

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