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Marie Kondo has built an empire on attainable minimalism—and when it comes to the holidays, this includes buying less. Enter: Kondo’s fun gift wrap idea. It’s totally waste-free; you won’t need so much as one inch of tape. 

She swears by Japanese furoshiki, a cloth wrap you can use to tie up pretty much anything time and time again. “[It looks] beautiful around a bottle of wine, candles, and even the most oddly shaped items,” she wrote in an Instagram post.  


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The first step, according to Kondo, is to still your mind and focus on the person for whom the gift is intended. (If nothing else, this should help quell any frustrations about not getting the wrapping proportions just right.) Next, lay the fabric out flat with one corner facing you. Place the item there and roll it toward the opposite corner until you’ve created a neat tube. Then instead of tucking everything in and securing with ribbon and tape, tie it all up in a bow on top. For extra pizzazz, use a two-tone cloth; the other color will peek through in your final creation. Voilà!

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