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Emma Roberts likes to keep it real about her sustainability efforts. “I’ve always been someone who knows that I need to be better with my carbon footprint,” admits the actor. “And especially after having a baby, you really start to see how much plastic is coming in and out of the house.”

In her recent collaboration with Grove Collaborative, the new mom is out to change the way she gifts this holiday season—which makes sense, considering Americans pile up to 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, according to the EPA.

But Roberts isn’t just giving presents that are eco-friendly—she’s taking the theme all the way to their presentation. “I love to make wrapping paper for people out of old magazines and newspapers, and I’ll cut out certain things that I know the person likes so it’s on the very front of the wrapping paper,” she says. “Also we’re the household where we save the old ribbons from anything. There isn’t a ribbon my mom hasn’t saved, and now I’m like that, too!”

Here’s exactly how Roberts keeps it sustainable during the holidays, in her own words.

Stylish Sippers

I’m obsessed with metal straws for cocktails, especially during the holidays, because I’m always wearing a red lip.

Let It Burn

Whenever I’m setting a table, I need to have candles to set the mood. Whether it’s on the table or even outside, I’m obsessed with the Grove holiday candles. They smell amazing, and the fragrances are 100 percent natural. I definitely set them out everywhere. 

Clean Sweep

Hand soap and towels are always great gifts because I feel like I always need them—I wash my hands at least 10 times a day. 

Future Rock Star

For kids, I like to get something that I feel is going to last a while, like a stuffed animal that’s really special. I love this company called Skippy Cotton. I’ve gotten my son a couple of stuffed animals from there, and I like to gift the Ziggy Bun Bun, a David Bowie bunny.

Soap Story

I think this is such a good sustainable swap—and it’s also good for travel, because I still have a hard time forgetting to take out my large-size lotions. It’s a lotion body stone, but you also buy the container, and then when you run out of the stone, you just get a new one to put in the bamboo container. I love that there’s no plastic in it—plus it looks good on the counter. 

Paper Towel Swap

I have a pileup of, like, 20 dish towels, and they are all stained and ruined. So I do not buy expensive dish towels anymore; I let them be what they’re going to be, because I try not to use paper towels. I just pick them up whenever I’m at Target.