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“My playlists are an important part of my party arsenal,” says 12-time Grammy winner John Legend. At a dinner last week in Napa, California, celebrating the artist’s wine brand LVE’s partnership with LG Signature, Legend revealed to Domino that it’s his go-to party trick. When he and his wife, Cravings founder Chrissy Teigen, host at home together, he curates the music to match the mood (a playlist for their son Miles’s birthday is going to sound a lot different from one he recently customized for a soiree celebrating HBO’s The Way Down). “We always want to put our heart and soul into every entertaining experience and make it personal,” he continues. That’s the fun part.

But before all that, there are the functional details that go into throwing a fete. The most important one? The room’s layout. “Part of our philosophy is an open kitchen,” Legend explains. “We want to talk to our friends while they’re hanging out. And then there’s the little tricks.” He shares four of those, ahead.

Smart Wine Storage 

Legend isn’t one for the snobbery that often surrounds conversations about drinking wine—and even storing it. Instead he’s all about giving people the tools to master the basics. “I don’t buy into the idea that there’s only one correct way to do everything,” he says. “But if you can store your wine at the right temperature and delineate the difference between some of your varietals, that’s a great thing.” LG Signature’s newly launched Wine Cellar features multiple temperature levels to keep your whites, reds, and bubbly in pristine condition, plus a linear compressor that reduces vibrations (too much movement from a shaky fridge can affect the quality of the vino). The Wi-Fi-enabled appliance is also family-friendly: The textured steel exterior is fingerprint-resistant, and there’s a child-lock option to prevent an accidental opening. 

A Fridge Drawer 

When you live in a small studio apartment, walking over to the refrigerator to snag another beverage is a nonissue. But in a multistory house, it can be helpful to have drinking stations in various locations. “We like to have fridges in random places,” notes Legend, adding that his family leans toward discreet-looking fridge drawers. Not only are they great for loading up on nonalcoholic drinks and kids’ snacks, they are genius additions to a bedroom. Incorporate one into your nightstand—that way, when you need to quench your thirst at 2 a.m., you can get what you need fast and then doze back off to sleep. 

Double Ovens

Two meals are better than one, right? Extra handy come the holiday season, multiple ovens are a staple in the Legend-Teigen household, the artist notes. LG’s version cleans itself in 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing it down by hand.

A Nook for Seasonings

Some avid cooks stand by a spice rack, but Legend and Teigen prefer to keep their seasonings stowed away in a “convenient and accessible” drawer. Preprinted labels, nonslip liners, and angled racks will have you feeling like a star chef in no time—just don’t forget to turn on some music while you work.