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Moving to a new place is always a source of stress and sleepless nights. So when the person relocating is your friend, it is your mission (if not duty) to treat them to a thoughtful and fun housewarming gift afterward. Rather than scrolling endlessly through a big-box store’s pages, let Halle Berry help. This summer the actress launched Re-Spin Marketplace, a digital curation of home essentials meant to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, ranging from nourishing body oils to a next-level milk frother. Lucky for us, she narrowed down her selection even further to tried-and-tested housewarming presents. We won’t blame you if you decide to keep one for yourself.

For the Bud Who Immediately Unpacked Their Knife Set

Bring over raw champagne vinegar and balsamic vinegar to dress up their first non–pizza meal, which they can whip up from Athena Calderone’s cookbook of 100 step-by-step recipes.

For Your Exhausted Friend

Give them the gift of relieved muscle tension and better circulation with this CBD bath soak.

For the Person Who Wishes It Was 5 p.m.

Toast to a job well down with a fruity aperitif that sparks memories of lazy summer days. Serve it on ice or mixed with soda water.

For Your Friend Whose Place Seems Haunted

Clear the air for new beginnings with a eucalyptus or sage-and-lavender incense stick.

For the Pal Who’s Still Stressed

A night of self-care is in order with this set of moisturizing body-care products.