Orlando Soria Just Announced His Brand-New HGTV Show—Here’s What You Can Expect

Tune into Unspouse My House.

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For some, a haircut does just the trick when you need to get over an ex. For others, a bit of retail therapy goes a long way. But when your breakup is extra messy—if you’re going through a divorce or are separating from a live-in partner—things can be a bit more complicated.

Interior designer Orlando Soria believes that the best antidote to a conscious uncoupling is a home renovation, and his brand-new HGTV show, Unspouse My House, will help recent singles refresh their spaces and get over their breakup woes.


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If that premise sounds like a bummer, don’t worry—it’s not. Soria’s infectious energy and his silly sense of humor are sure to give the show all the levity the topic requires. After all, he positions himself not as any kind of self-help guru, but rather as someone who has “perfected the art of getting dumped.” With his empathetic perspective and hilarious hijinks, he’s sure to debut one of the most feel-good shows of the year.

As for his design, Soria (who you may recognize as Emily Henderson’s on-camera assistant from Secrets From A Stylist) is an expert in crafting relaxing, contemporary spaces. He has a strong eye for art and color and a knack for designing rooms that feel elevated yet lived-in. If anything’s certain, the singles who appear on the show are sure to leave with a home that brings a little more joy into their lives—and maybe even a fresh perspective too.

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