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This is a big moment for those of us who don’t mind a little mess. Cluttercore, a celebration of the things that are important to you, with a focus on displaying your much-loved items rather than storing them away, is trending on TikTok, reports home brand directory Living Cozy

According to its research, nobody was searching online for the movement until October 2020. But as of now, 46,200 people have Googled the term and more than 20 million viewers have posted #Cluttercore content on the social media platform. The TikToks that pop up are all about embracing the coziness of a lived-in atmosphere. In the eyes of these users, a minimalist space, where collections are edited down and hidden out of sight, would feel impersonal or too blank. From functional art to eclectic, almost disorganized shelves, find our favorite inspiration from the app, below.

Small Space–Approved

No storage, no problem. Cluttercore is ideal for cramped spaces since it encourages putting everything on display, including functional items like pots and pans. Decant baking ingredients into glass jars and line them up on open shelves (which also replaces ugly packaging) or hang your skillets on a rail in easy reach. Hardworking farmhouse kitchens are a great inspiration.

Make It Art

Cluttercore goes beyond objects. When pinned up from floor to ceiling, ephemera such as posters, cards, and photos turn a wall into a giant mood board, almost like personalized wallpaper. Even better news: You don’t need frames.

Start With Shelves

Transitioning into cluttercore can be as easy as filling your shelves with your favorite items—you’re aiming for organized chaos here. Think: book piles, vases and bowls in different shapes and patterns, and why not a few candles and small sculptures? Just as long as it brings you joy.