Not that you need convincing, but there’s a new reason to visit New Orleans. The 

Henry Howard Hotel

 recently opened in The Big Easy and it’s set to inspire–from furniture selections, to (custom) wallpaper, to the seamless blend of vintage and modern. We spoke to Lauren Mabry – Founder and Lead Designer at Hunter Mabry Design, who completed the interior design in this space. Read on for a window into the inspiration behind New Orleans’ newest must-book room.

WHAT INSPIRED THE DESIGN IN THIS HOTEL? The inspiration came from the city and building itself. Having a property with such special history in a vibrant city like New Orleans made it an easy decision to create a timeless, traditional ambiance with sleek modern elements and grand New Orleans flare.

WHAT OVERALL AESTHETIC WERE YOU TRYING TO ACHIEVE? Our goal was a balance of modern luxury and New Orleans eclectic.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY FROM THIS DESIGN PROCESS? Working with Kathleen Fitzgerald to design the custom wallpaper throughout the space was a blast. The toile wallpaper we created and showcased in every bedroom incorporates fun New Orleans elements such as The Henry Howard Hotel, the steamboat, and the St. Charles streetcar with New Orleans specific characters Marie Laveau, Louis Armstrong, a second line band, Henry Howard, the state’s bird and more. Kathleen is fun to work with and the most brilliant graphic designer. The result was better than I dreamt possible. Watching this idea go from pipe dream to installation reminds me why I love my job so much and partnering with people like Kathleen is what make it possible.

WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL FAVORITE DESIGN ELEMENT USED HERE? The custom wallpaper layered with sculptural brass instruments and the iron canopy beds. It’s the perfect blend of traditional, modern, and fun.

Wallpaper illustrations by Lauren Kolesinskas.

WHAT IS THE BEST REACTION YOU’VE HEARD TO THIS SPACE SO FAR? Every room in the hotel is different which proved challenging during the design phase. Having so many people say that a different room on the property is their favorite is the best reaction we could have ever asked for. It makes all of the time spent on every detail of every room worth it. Also, having a guest propose the very first week we opened was a pretty fantastic feeling as well.

CUSTOM WALLPAPERS Kathleen Fitzgerald printed by Flavor Paper illustrated by Lauren Kolesinskas 



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