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It’s no secret (thanks to one very large and conspicuous U-Haul truck), that Miley Cyrus recently moved back in with Liam Hemsworth. We’re happy for the resurgence of a Hollywood-favorite couple and wish them all the best. In light of their recent second chance at love, we’ve rounded up a few items to help them stay happy in couplehood.

White Sage Smudge 4″ Sticks, $6.90 A good smudging is in order when starting anew.

A new mattress. You know, for karma’s sake….

Coffee Mug, $16 For improved, effortless communication.

A fun and relaxing way to stay zen, and keep things in perspective. Coloring books are quickly becoming one of our favorite ways to relax, and we hope Miley and Liam enjoy them as much as we do.

A beautiful serving tray, for bringing each other breakfast in bed (or soup when under the weather).

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone, $264.29 A little secret to couplehood! Silently enjoy your Netflix without disturbing the half of the couple that’s fallen asleep.

His & Hers Mugs, $28 Presented without commentary.

If Liam’s Malibu pad doesn’t have a fireplace in every room [scoffs] setting out a few of these will add to a romantic mood.

Starting dinner for two off with a plate of oysters never looked so good.

Down To Shuck Oyster Knife & Shucking Block, $20 If you’re going to do something, do it right!