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Wellness is such a multifaceted thing. While, yes, you should absolutely work on finding non-toxic skincare products and take extra care to make time for your workout regimen, having a home stocked with healthy essentials is the ultimate way to make sure you’re making your abode your sanctuary. With all of us living such stressful lives, there’s no better way to find some peace.

But with so many options to choose from—think everything from charcoal sticks to crystals—how do you know which options are worth your hard-earned cash? Well, ask the experts, of course. Here’s what they said.

NutriBullet Pro, $79.99

I’m obsessed with my NutriBullet. As a sucker for all things adaptogen powders (my favorite right now is Chillhouse’s Give Me Life), I can mix them all together in a smoothie and go.

– Sarah Levey, Y7 Yoga

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser, $119

I love using the Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser to add purifying smells to a room. I go for essential oils over fancy candles, as it’s my favorite way to diffuse mood-altering scents.

– Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice

Dyson Air Purifying Tower Fan, $549.99

My favorite healthy home item is our Dyson Air Purifier. Living in the grit of NYC with little kiddos, it’s a relief to know that we are breathing and sleeping in clean air. We use the same technology to purify our studios.

– Taryn Toomey, The Class

Cardia Auset Sea Mineral Salts, $30.75

A brand I love for the guest bathroom or for a hostess gift is Canadian brand Cadrea Auset. The packaging is gorgeous, and would look good in any bathroom environment. The bath salts are my favorite.

– Jillian Wright, Indie Beauty Expo

21 Drops Aromatherapy Oils, $20 and up

One of the best additions to any home is aromatherapy, the different oils can provide a different atmosphere and mood to your home. If you want to relax and create a stress-free environment, the addition of lavender is an excellent choice. If you love the outdoors and want to bring the scent of the outdoors into your home, try fir balsam and sweet orange. Lastly, if you want a floral scent with crisp and clean tones, use ylang ylang.

– Dr. Charles Passler, Pure Change Detox Program

Himalayan Salt Lamp, $34

I have a large

Himalayan lamp

in my bedroom. Himalayan salt lamps clean the air of pollutants, even electronic pollution that’s generated from phone chargers, laptops, alarm clocks, televisions—anything that plugs in. This unique attribute makes for a healthier environment, where you inexplicably just feel better.

– Laura Benko, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space

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