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Sunday Night Rituals That Will Make Mondays Suck Less

Get back into your best shape after a weekend away.

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Does anyone really like Sundays? Sure, they’re still technically considered the weekend, but there’s something about the endmost day of the week that makes it feel especially dreadful. Personally, my Sundays are always plagued with stress and anxiety about the week ahead, and an insatiable feeling that I need to prep and plan as much as possible in order to be my best self for the rest of the week. Couple that with any kind of weekend travel, and you’re likely to experience some serious Sunday scaries. That’s where the experts come in. Whether you’ve just been on a weeklong last-minute road trip jaunt or had a wild summer weekend away, getting back into tip top shape to approach the week with a clear head, mind, and energized body is something we all could use a little advice on. Avoid the Sunday slump with these helpful rituals that will get your week started on the right foot.

First things first: Unpack!

Ashley Merrill, founder of luxury sleepwear brand Lunya, does the one thing that trips a lot of us up after returning from travel—she unpacks. “I make a habit of immediately unpacking so that I don’t feel overwhelmed,” she says. 

Unpacking ASAP is also a must for Indie Lee, founder of her namesake clean beauty brand Indie Lee. Lee can sometimes be on the road as much as three weeks in certain months, so she’s found that unpacking and storing away her suitcase as soon as she gets home, even if it’s late at night, helps ground her.

Reset your digestion

Even the best of us can indulge a little on the weekends, but throw in travel and you’re likely to abandon all normal dietary mindfulness. Whitney Tingle, co-founder of superfoods nutrition brand Sakara Life, says resetting your digestion is key to getting your energy levels back up. “Traveling typically throws my digestion out of whack—sleeping different hours, eating different foods, dehydration from the plane, etc.,” she says. “After a weekend of travel I like to get my body back on track by resetting my digestion.” She relies on their Daily Probiotic Blend with a big glass of Detox Water, which helps to simultaneously get her digestion back on track while also rehydrating at the same time.

Tingle also loves a wakeup call, via a green smoothie, come Monday morn. “I also like to make a big superfood smoothie first thing Monday morning with a handful of spinach, some nutmilk, our Life Source Superpowder, and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. It instantly makes me feel clean and energized and ready for the week!”

Catch up on those Zzz’s

We get it, during the weekends our normal sleep schedule tends to go out the window a bit—okay, or maybe a lot. But experiencing a few sleepless nights isn’t just a total bummer for the next day, it can affect you the rest of your week. Jet lag and different sleeping situations can totally throw off our rhythms, leaving most of our experts to advise some Sunday night sleep adjustments. Obviously, if you arrive home early enough, you should strive to hit the hay at a decent hour.

Celebrity health and wellness guru Dr. Charles Passler advises getting some exercise and a healthy meal to help you settle back into your routine. He also recommends a few reliable methods before Sunday night, too. A good night sleep will allow you to wake feeling rested and energized to start anew. Taking a hot bath with lavender oil or taking some magnesium before bed are two great ways to get a better more restful sleep,” he says.

But if your body is still out of whack, you may want to look into a few sleep supplements to avoid Monday morning grogginess. Alex Caspero, a registered dietitian and nutrition expert, recommends checking out various melatonin supplements for sleep support. “My favorite product is HUM’s Beauty Zzzz which combines melatonin and Vitamin B6,” says Caspero.

“Melatonin can help those with disrupted circadian rhythms (such as people with jet lag or working night shifts) and those with low melatonin levels to sleep better,” says Caspero. “A few clinical studies also suggest melatonin can help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and boost daytime alertness.”

Lee is a huge fan of a sleepy time aid, too, but an all natural version. “I’ve recently been introduced to Sleep Inner Beauty Powder by The Beauty Chef and it has changed my life,” says Lee. “I make a warm almond milk ‘latte’ with it and then I’m down for the count.”

Indulge a little, but also organize

Give yourself a little spa Sunday treatment so you both look and feel your best come Monday morning. Merrill’s routine makes an excellent case: “Sunday is usually clean and refresh day,” she says. “I wash my hair, do a face mask, shave my legs, and clean up my closet. Getting Sunday right sets me up to be refreshed for a great Monday!”

Lee also takes time on Sunday to organize her space before busy Monday mornings. “There’s a Buddhist saying, ‘You are a mirror of your environment.’ For me, that is 100 percent spot on,” says Lee. “So I like to take some time to get my work space clean and decluttered. Cluttered desk = cluttered mind.” And, hey, Lee also loves a little spa time come Sunday eve. “I always take 20 minutes to do a mask and clean my makeup brushes, as well as my vanity,” she says. “This helps me reset for the week ahead. Remember, self care is vital to your well being.”

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