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If scrolling through endless photos of luxurious bathrooms is your idea of a good time, you are our people. With all that swiping comes a never-ending wish list: glass brick walls, monochrome millennial pink tilework, veined marble backdrops…you catch our drift. It would likely look terrible if thrown together—we clearly can’t settle on just one aesthetic. But one thing we can agree on is this: A double-sink vanity is always a winner. 

No matter how they’re styled, there’s something that feels so opulent about twin basins—like you’re staying in a fancy hotel. If you, too, are in the process of pulling together your dream bathroom mood board, we have a few ideas on how to play with double sinks so the design looks fresh. The only foreseeable problem? Narrowing down which of the below is your favorite. Good luck. 

The One That Proves Terrazzo Isn’t Just a Passing Fad

Terrazzo, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: for your colorful speckles, for your retro glamor, and most of all, for your versatility. Just when you thought you’d exhausted all possible ways to incorporate the material in your home, this double sink came along. 

The One Where the Sinks Look Like Jewelry Boxes

Maybe it’s the gray ribbed backdrop, highlighting the sunny yellow sinks like a red carpet. Maybe it’s the matching mirrors, which make the basins look like open gift boxes. Either way, these twin fixtures command attention. Follow suit by placing everything strategically in your own space: Situate a rug directly in front of the pedestals or install a tile backsplash that perfectly outlines them. 

The One That’ll Make You Rethink Your Eye-Roll Reaction to Millennial Pink

Pavé tile might just be the antidote to millennial pink fatigue. The unexpected texture also makes  a striking backdrop for moody matte black cabinetry—especially when paired with the matching basins.

The One With Coordinating Floors

The first thing you might notice about this glossy bathroom is the shiny emerald zellige tile. The second is the impressive sink and floor tile coordination. The seemingly small touch really ties the whole space together. 

The One for Drama Queens

Styled any differently, tortoiseshell-like marble and deep navy cabinetry might look dated. Here, paired with sleek sunken sinks, it’s a winning formula. If you’re a minimalist, but one with a flair for the dramatic, this is a look you’ll want to co-opt. Honorable mention goes to those funky sconces, a breath of fresh air among a sea of brassy contemporaries. 

The One Fulfilling Our French Country Fantasies

Between the black-trimmed enamel basins and the cute little plaque, this vignette looks like it lives in a quaint bed-and-breakfast in southern France. When in doubt, go with farmhouse sinks like these. You’ll appreciate how deep they are when you’re rinsing off your favorite face wash…and the water miraculously doesn’t splash everywhere. 

The One That Has Us Willing to Surrender Storage

Neatly organized bins of beauty products and hair tools are a welcome sacrifice when this industrial double-sink vanity is gracing your bathroom. Though if you’re really missing your cupboard space, opt for a low-lying ledge to house your bathroom essentials. It’s like open shelving for your floors. 

The One That’s Classic, But With a Twist

Whitewashed brick and brass fixtures feel timeless—but when paired with a concrete twin sink, they take on a little bit of edge. Bonus points for the cement-on-cement backsplash. 

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