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13 Whitewashed Rooms That Are All About Color

Yet another reason to go for monochrome walls.
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zio and sons this old hudson
Photography by ZIO AND SONS

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White Dining room

For as much as we love a good maximalist space filled with color and pattern, there’s something ethereally soothing about a completely whitewashed scheme. Aside from it standing in as an ideal backdrop for just about any decorative undertaking, it promotes tranquility and truly feeds off of an abundance of natural light. So, while it’s not completely realistic to live within an all-white space, a helpful pop of color, here and there, can really go a long way. We scoured our archives to find the rooms where whitewashed palettes existed in blissful harmony with healthy splashes of color. Take a look!

White Bathroom
Photography by MIKKEL VANG
Fashion designer Keren Craig’s upstate New York farmhouse boasts one beautifully serene bathroom, which complements her laid-back style. Featuring an all-white scheme—with a dreamy, clawfoot tub to match—the design of the space incorporates color via the modest wall art and an upholstered bench, each contributing a subtle hint of saturation with a floral flair.
White Entryway
Inside this eclectic, London home, vibrant vignettes come aplenty. After all, what better way to complement the whitewashed interior? Home to Claire Darrow Mosier, the design mastermind behind London’s Chiltern Firehouse, the space is filled with thoughtful elements and beautifully curated moments—much like this artful spot, featuring delicately decorative pieces, graphic wall art, and a matching stack of reads.
Leave it to Anthony D’Argenzio, founder of New York City-based creative collective Zio & Sons, to show us how to really master the white-on-white aesthetic. The theme is largely prevalent within the Hudson, NY home he transformed, filling the space with a slew of artful details and weathered pieces—this colorful nook being no exception.
Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE
Casey Zhang’s Brooklyn apartment taught us a valuable lesson on what true minimalism is. From her streamlined choice of furnishings to the reserved decor palette clearly at hand, there were no shortage of moments that inspired. As for color? Fresh florals are her weapon of choice. Understated yet impactful, here’s proof that even a single stem bearing a saturated hue can instantly reinvent a space.
Photography by BEN JACK OF FUZZCO

Liz Damrich’s Charleston home exudes effortless elegance from every square inch, and her stunning headboard is no exception. The reserved palette of the room features the ever-so-slightest hint of color via a thoughtfully curated collection of reads.

Blue and Brown and Green and Pink and Purple and White and Wood Living room
Photography by PATRICK CLINE

Kate Schelter’s Manhattan apartment embodies the same artistic vision that is ever-so-present within her creative works. Featuring a whitewashed backdrop, the walls come fully decked with bold art while a pair of statement pieces in a vibrant hue complete the scene.

White Kitchen
Photography by LAURE JOLIET

There’s nothing interesting about an all-white sink in an all-white kitchen, hence why makers Linda and John Meyers, of Wary Meyers, opted for one that came in a brilliant shade of orange. Chic cabinet knobs and a curated shelf of kitchen accessories cleverly pay tribute to the sink’s color, effortlessly complementing the vibrant scene.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Feeling bold? A little statement art never hurt. Warm hues splash across this oversized canvas, which completes the piece that stands in as a certifiable backdrop for the low-set bed. Designer Jenni Li recommends cultivating a “creative, artistic atmosphere for her children,” by using colorful keepsakes generously throughout.

White Dining room

We’ll admit it—the wall paint may skew towards a more true blue but when paired with the abundance of natural light, it shines with a special sort of brilliance. Artist Hayley Sarno’s Manhattan apartment boasts a rather traditional design aesthetic, melding lustrous accents with pops of color via the floral upholstery.

Orange Staircase
Photography by LAURE JOLIET

Whitewashed stairs may not be the most original, but we surely can’t say the same for this inspired ombre scene. A series of warm hues transform an ordinary area in the home into a statement-worthy spot packed with style.

White Kid's room

Whitewashed walls in the little ones’ rooms may err on a rather dull approach to decor. Nonetheless, it also establishes the ideal backdrop for an eclectic slew of furnishings and playful decorative accessories – just take note of Boris and Jack Gachot’s personalized space!

White Entryway

A series of found objects, imported artifacts, and an impeccably-styled

gallery wall

transform a once ordinary, whitewashed entryway into a style-packed zone that makes an ideal first impression.

Originally published July 2017. Updated January 2018.

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