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All-white rooms are red wine’s public enemy number one. Okay, so are spills in general. But if you prefer to live on the edge—or simply have a knack for removing stains—a monochrome white room might have a place in your home. Keep reading for 35 kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, living and dining rooms that will surely inspire you to take a risk and decorate one room entirely with this crisp, clean shade.

Though we tend to prefer inspirational photos and prints hanging on our walls above our desks (aka our beloved inspiration boards), this extremely minimalistic space is forcing us to see that more isn’t always better.

The black and gray accents in this otherwise whitewashed living room are the ideal example of how to keep a space monochrome without sticking to just one single hue.

Though we’re usually fans of bringing color into the kitchen (let’s be real, especially navy), these traditional white cabinets paired with white

subway tile

speaks to us.

We apologize, renters, but this scenario doesn’t apply to you. But if you own your current spot, really make a statement and paint your floorboards white.

White wood paneled walls add a modern sophistication to this space that plain painted white walls wouldn’t have been able to accomplish. (Also, might we add, the white monitor is a nice touch.)

Mixing a variety of shades of white—which yes, is a thing—will help break up an extreme monochrome look.

Let this bedroom teach you an important lesson in layering texture. Mainly, it works—really, really well.

This Scandinavian-inspired, minimalist bedroom proves less is sometimes more.

This all-white bathroom—including a standing tub—pushes the boundaries of chic.

Modern and modular, this kitchen shows it’s all about taking a color scheme (or trend!) and making it your own.

White walls, as a trend, are reinvigorating love for white walls. Yep, even in rentals. Accent yours by adding white shelving and accents like books and potted plants for added depth.

Though we see a stainless, Scandinavian-inspired space here, we can only imagine what a completely neutral nursery is up against.

Just add white, bohemian bedding (canopy included, of course!) for a dreamy place to rest your head.

Newsflash: Your floors don’t have to be white. Leave them in their natural state for added texture and color. It will help create a more natural vibe for whatever room in your house you’re looking to decorate with all-white decor.

We’re too distracted by the perfectly painted floorboards and exposed brick wall to be bothered by the faint peach accents throughout the bedroom.

We can sure rally behind this white, wood, and silver-themed kitchen. The modern accents paired with a simple, sleek color scheme results in a cohesive mix of modern eclecticism.

Choose to bring a small pop of color into your otherwise all-white bathroom with some plant life!

Though not all of us are capable of living this minimally, it sure is something to aspire to. The soft bedding, sharp lines of the framed city map above the bed, and the modern, angular side table and lamp would be a dream to wake up to each morning.

Bringing in rustic elements to your otherwise modern, renovated kitchen will make the space feel even more homey. This statement table, for instance, stands out against the bright white room and makes for a great gathering place.

Now this is commitment! Even the ceiling boards are painted white. The white shelves, dishes, and rug certainly don’t hurt either.

Opt for a glossy finish to your paint in a room filled with lots of natural light for a more reflective space. Though this kitchen is narrow, it looks larger than life.

There’s nothing wrong with pulling in ivories, taupes, creams, or off-whites to offset stark white walls. Just look at how cozy this space is!

There’s no reason to crowd your home—it’s important to be comfortable with open spaces. (Take a deep breath, embrace minimalism.) The white sofa in the distance is proof.

Again, it’s all about the texture! If minimalism isn’t really your thing, but you want to give the monochrome look a try, embrace bedding and blankets with varying textures. It will help make the space your own—and will ease fears of it being too “boring” or bare.

Okay, so there’s lots of wood in this workspace. Embrace the pairing and let the natural finish of whatever wood furniture or floors you have be an easy accent color.

Does it get more chic than this? (Don’t answer that, we love marble, too.) These striking subway tiles—in varying cuts—can teach us all a valuable lesson in playing with proportion to create more visual interest.

Creating a clean, relaxing space in the bedroom is key. The white decor and cozy accents seen here do just that.

Though we’d love to preach the white hue (and marble accents!) of this kitchen as the main attraction, but it’s not. The handles on the cabinets easily take center stage—for good reason. They seamlessly fit in with the sharp lines of the cabinetry and tall windows.

The extreme minimalism displayed in this bedroom completely distracts you from the fact that there is wall-to-wall carpeting! It’s a miracle!

What we would give to shower in this beautifully designed, mixed metal structure.

Sometimes, symmetry makes all the difference. Case and point, this bedroom. (Also, if those are both closets, we’re officially jealous.)

Something about furnishing open spaces, like combined kitchen and dining areas, in all-white opens spacious rooms up even further. It simply feels light, airy, and clean.

Add more white accents to an already white space for a cohesive aesthetic. We love how these bright white carpets stand out against a dark washed wood floor.

Bedroom goals: A balcony with gauzy, light white drapes that blow in the wind when you let the fresh air in.