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Form and function are the BFFs of any well-planned, well-styled space. Excess is out, and modern, minimalist approaches are in. If your place could stand a little forward-thinking inspo, read on. We’ve found spaces that exemplify the very best in form and function doing what they do best…together.

More than any other space, the kitchen demands functionality. Appliances that are both purposeful and beautiful prevent you from having to choose one goal over the other. Your best bet is to think timeless design, not the latest gadgets. Bosch appliances specifically come from a heritage of Bauhaus-inspired design, which defined the notion of form and function.

We love when a home looks like it belongs. The breathtaking design of this prefab vacation home by industrial designer Patrick Frey and architect Björn Götte looks almost as if it’s part of the landscape. And any home that manages to offer plenty of shade while still letting in beautiful natural light is definitely working for us.

This impressive design essentially creates multiple rooms from one central space through the use of moving walls and custom cabinetry that allow essentials (even the bed) to be tucked away when not in use. Simply adjust the walls to your current needs. The textures and tones here are unique, unexpected, and modern.


Christene Barberich

‘s home featured in our fall issue, a light drenched loft makes use of low ceiling height by serving as an office, where chairs are the perfect height for maximizing a minimal space at the top of the stairs.

We love when kitchens also function as living spaces. Wall cabinetry in the kitchen is a growing trend, and these built-in Bosch appliances are designed to blend seamlessly for a clean, uncluttered look.

Designed specifically for entertaining, this smart outdoor setup makes good use of half-walls as perfect perches for bar seating, while simultaneously compartmentalizing this expansive outdoor area into functional zones.

The unique pyramid-style design here allows maximum daylight to shine through. Other details like stairs that take up a minimal amount of room allow this place to truly maximize its square footage.

Materials define a space. Choose a gorgeous surface, paired with an elegant cooktop, that will act as the centerpoint and provide a beautiful canvas for entertaining in your kitchen.

With minimal space comes the need for multitasking. This central wall not only moves to adjust to the resident’s current needs, but the television in the middle flips around so that it can be viewed from either the “bedroom” or the “living room,” and the white walls and minimal approach to decor allow the space to feel as open and airy as possible.

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