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When you think of gingham, your grandmother’s couch and curtains might come to mind, or you may even have visions of Palm-Beach-style white wicker furniture. These days, though, designers are coming up with new ways to incorporate the iconic print into homes that feel completely updated. Trying out new hues, unexpected placements, and mixing it up with less traditional design vibes can make this old favorite feel totally fresh. Here, find 12 examples of gingham done right.

Go Bold

If you love gingham, there’s no reason not to really go for it when bringing it into your home. A guest bathroom is definitely a place you can have a little fun, so use a printed wallpaper like this one to keep things interesting. Just be sure to keep the rest of the room fairly simple so things don’t get too overwhelming.

Scale it Down

The smaller scale of this print almost gives the illusion of a solid fabric. This little trick of the eye makes the gingham less obvious and more of a fun surprise when you actually take a closer look. Accent pillow and art that feel very contemporary also help this couch feel completely current.

Pick a Pastel

Moving away from preppier gingham color schemes like yellow and white can bring new life to the print. Here, a light shade of blue-green that almost matches the walls makes for a perfectly kitschy take on the trend.

Tie it Together

Not all the seating in your living room has to match. In fact, it’s better if it doesn’t. That being said, it’s important to make sure your gingham furniture pieces don’t stick out like a sore thumb by using other accessories like the throw blanket shown here. That’s why this room’s two graphic printed chairs work so well with the rest of its more neutral decor.

Make a Kids Room Cool

Kids always want their rooms to feel stylish rather than cutesy, and this bedroom is the perfect example of that done right. The design is totally unfussy, but the use of geometric prints and a dark color scheme keep things both classy and age-appropriate.

Pop the Color

Using a graphic print like gingham in a super bright hue can breathe new life into an otherwise traditional-feeling room. Adding an accent wall in that same shade doesn’t hurt, either.

Add an Accent

If you don’t want to fully commit to a bigger gingham piece, pick an object in the print that can be easily replaced when you tired of the trend. Ideally, go for something in a neutral color, like this black and white lampshade, so it can work in a variety of different spaces.

Throw Shade

Window treatments are a great place to express your personal style, especially if you want to keep things in your home mostly neutral. This almost all-white kitchen gets an added element of aesthetic interest from a custom made large-scale checked window shade.

Try a Dark Color Scheme

Gingham doesn’t have to be all light and bright, and this sophisticated library is proof. By incorporating a simple black and white gingham wall into a mostly dark room, the pattern takes on a much more masculine feel.

Mix Patterns

This little corner makes maximum impact because of the contrast in not only colors, but also prints. A wide horizontal stripe is the ideal counterpart to the smaller checks on the walls, creating an effect that’s visually interesting but, importantly, not dizzying.

Match the Tone

Long curtains are another great way to make gingham work in your home. If you’re not dealing with a totally neutral color palette, pull out one color from the rest of your decor and mimic it in your choice of curtain fabric. That way, they’ll serve as an accent that pulls the whole room together rather than being distracting.

Change it Up

Modern and even boho design schemes can absolutely use gingham, too. Though this living room is decorated with mostly tan and brown tones, the black and white fabric of the accent chair provides a focal point that adds flair to an already stylish space.