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For anyone who’s ever taken on the daunting task of designing a home, they know, all too well, the struggle that comes with putting in the finishing touches. Relatively speaking, selecting furniture is the easy part. You have an idea of which type of bed you’d like or the sofa that’s right for the space you have, and can easily opt for a dining table and chair set that will be compatible with your needs.

So once you have the basics down, what comes next? The decorative accents. This can encompass anything and everything from pillows and rugs to wall art and drapes. Settling on a preferred color scheme is half the battle—mixing and matching patterns, a completely different story. Enter Twelvehome: a new design service that offers pre-packaged room schemes that will help take the guesswork out of decorating a room. With custom soft furnishings, lighting, rugs, and wall treatments, Twelvehome is striving to make interior design more accessible.

The brand just launched today, and here’s how it works: Currently, there are seven preset collections, each distinguished by a particular color and pattern scheme. Within each “room” buyers have the option to select products featuring an array of complementary patterns, which encompass pieces such as drapes, rugs, and even bedding. Once you’ve settled on a color scheme that best suits your style and space, you have the option to purchase the complete offerings of a “room”—there is also an option to select items a la carte. And yes, nursery decor is included as well.

For those intimidated by mixing and matching patterns or incorporating a pop of color into a space, consider this your go-to.

Start decorating now.

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Published May 1, 2017