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Eight Outdated Design Trends, And What To Do Instead!

The trends we're leaving behind, and the ones we can't wait to bring in.
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White and Wood Kitchen
Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

Over the years we’ve all seen our fair share of decor trends come and go. It’s safe to say that there are certain ones we can’t seem to get enough of (ahem, Scandinavian minimalism) and some we just aren’t sad to see go. Here, the nine decor trends we definitely are not missing, and how to decorate with them instead!

[updated May 13, 2017]

Purple Daze

This regal shade may have had its moment, but we definitely prefer it in a lower dosage. Bold satin sheets and vibrant purple tablecloths, we’re looking at you.


Use the color in a more subdued form. Taking cues from nature’s best, we’re all for incorporating subtle hints of lilac within a space—a subtle wall paint included!

Beige Meets Brown

Whether this color trend came in the form of a wall paint or carpeting, it’s safe to say that no space truly benefited from this scheme.   


Bring in stained leather furnishings in lieu of painting the walls, or channel the color in a more organic form. Note the beautiful finish of the dining set and the way it subtly contrasts against the tan leather sofas.

Blue and Red and White and Yellow Living room
Photography by JEREMY LIEBMAN

Vinyl-Covered Sofas

We get it. Preserving the quality of a particular piece of furniture can be enticing, especially if you’re hoping it lasts long enough to justify its purchase price. And as much as we’re all for making the most of what you have, this is one trend we can certainly live without.


Keep the sofa bare or opt for one with a removable slipcover. Other alternatives? A chic throw that can be easily washed.

Pink and White Living room
Photography by HALLIE BURTON

Frumpy Florals

While we love a good floral motif, we were never quite fond of it in the form of a slouchy sofa. For a print as intricate and developed as a floral one is, it can have a greater effect when it’s more reserved in form.


Opt for a statement seat or throw pillow in a bold floral pattern, and set it within a room of a more subtle decor scheme.

Orange Staircase
Photography by LAURE JOLIET

Stair Runners

Aside from being a potential trip-hazard, there are certain spaces and staircases where a rug just doesn’t feel right.


Consider keeping the stairs bare, or splashing on a fresh coat of paint paired with a bold design!

Photography by FRANCES TULK-HART

Shag Takeover

We shudder at the sight of a space decked exclusively in shag. Walls, floors, furniture, you name it. Thankfully, this trend has yet to make a (total) reoccurrence, and we couldn’t be happier.


Go for a boucherouite or shag area rug in a globally-inspired pattern or vibrant color way. We’re loving the way this Moroccan piece fits within this dreamy playroom!

Nadine and Matt Abramcyk Black and White Bathroom

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings had their moment, and as soon as they had come around, they were gone just as quick. We’re not one to complain.


Install a chic wallpaper or paint the smooth ceiling surface in a dreamy shade. We’re taking major cues from the stained shiplapped ceiling in this rustic space.

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2017's Best Bathroom Interior Design- minimalist bathroom
Photography by MELISSA MELLER

Carpeted Bathrooms

Not only are carpeted bathrooms unsanitary, keeping the space clean is a huge issue. Shag toilet top covers? We won’t even go there.


Bring in a narrow runner that can double as a chic landing pad by the bath or the vanity.

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