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With her two growing daughters in mind, Molly Guy converts a simple white bedroom into a playful wonderland.

Located on the border of McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Molly Guy’s two-bedroom apartment, which she shares with her family, including her two daughters, Sunny, three years old, and Coco, eight months old, is a beautiful, light-filled space with windows facing onto the park. Guy, the creative director of Stone Fox Bride, the cool girl’s destination for bohemian, free-spirited weddings, collects Moroccan and Indian textiles, rock ’n’ roll memorabilia, and diverse artwork. Her design philosophy, she says, is influenced by “both mundane and profound things: anything and everything that looks and feels raw, honest, and uncontrived.” By cutting out clutter and decorating with vibrant pieces from around the world, Guy kept her home functional and true to her signature laid-back aesthetic.

With Sunny about to start pre-kindergarten next year, Guy decided it was time to switch spaces with her two “little beans” by giving them her master bedroom. This included replacing her king-size bed with a modern tree-house-style loft bed from IKEA and transforming the white room into the girls’ new botanical dream world. Guy concludes happily, “They should love it until their 18th birthday! I hope to be the cool mom that lets them scribble mantras on the walls in lipstick if they want.”

The Stone Fox Bride’s Tips for Designing a Kid’s Room: 

Keep it Real “Minimize the time spent on Pinterest and design blogs—all of that eye candy is amazing, but at the end of the day, what’s most important is creating a sanctuary for your kids to grow, imagine, and play in that feels authentic to your family’s vibe.

Maintain Balance These days, I’m all about functionality, and I do my best to keep our home free of clutter without being bare and orderly without being rigid. I love Paul McCobb and Charles Eames pieces for organizing.

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