Our 3 Favorite Trends from New York’s Coolest Design Fair

Including taper candles with a twist.
colorful wooden wall art

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There aren’t many things for which team Domino will wake up early on a Monday and make the trek across Manhattan, but Shoppe Object definitely fits the bill; the biannual design show is one of our must-sees. Hundreds of brands, from upstate New York to Australia, convene to showcase their upcoming products, set up in equally photogenic booths. Between the color inspo (hint: Yves Klein blue is still going strong) and the delightful finds (we’re still thinking about SGW Lab’s teeny-tiny ceramic pots), it’s a decor lover’s mecca. 

While making the rounds, we spotted a few common themes that we plan to keep an eye on this year. The good news: Each is a low-lift upgrade that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Taper Candles 2.0 

colorful pillar candles
Courtesy of Hay

multicolored striped candles
Courtesy of British Colour Standard

Sleek white candlesticks are well and good, but this is the year we start thinking outside the box. Hay makes the case for going chunky with the launch of multicolored, stacked pillars and a cool, twisted version that’ll be available in the fall. Though if you can’t wait, head to Il Buco—its yellow beeswax creations are sculptural perfection. For a stripey style that’ll zhuzh up the saddest of empty mantels, you can’t go wrong with anything from British Colour Standard.

Round Rugs

multicolored abstract rugs
Courtesy of Tantuvi

blue and coral abstract rug
Courtesy of Begüm Cânâ Ӧzgür

So long, plain old rectangular carpets. If Tantuvi and Begüm Cânâ Ӧzgür have anything to say about it, this year will be all about circular designs. At the former’s booth, abstract patterns in the round stole the show—they’ll be ready to shop next week. Begüm Cana Özgür’s new “Tufted” collection, on the other hand, features curlicue silhouettes in muted ombre colorways. (Contact the brand directly to place your order.)

Playful Wall Hangings 

colorful hanging mobile
Courtesy of Sibilia

sun wall hangings
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Incorporating art beyond what can be framed with the help of the Matisse-like mobiles at Buenos Aires–based studio Sibilia to Lio & Linn’s oversize metal-and-wood fixtures. One of the most eye-catching displays was at Great Lakes GoodsThe brand’s bright, slightly irreverent the “wall charms” will make your day—and liven up your rental walls in about two seconds. 

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