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It’s no secret that we have a thing for whitewashed spaces. Whether they come in the form of a sleek and modern bathroom or a soft and cozy bedroom, there’s no denying the sheer brilliance of a monochrome space. So when it comes to actually designing a space that’s floor-to-ceiling white, it’s important to bring in contrasting elements to further elevate the decor. Here, just a few helpful ways to give your all-white space the personality it so deserves. Take a look!

Photography by : KRISTOFER JOHNSON

Add in a playful touch to the decor with subtle pops of bright colors, preferably in the more unexpected of places. Here, a soft yellow pendant steals the spotlight from the whitewashed decor of the room, all the while seamlessly complementing its surroundings.


Designate an empty wall to double as an accent area of a room and bring in a subtly graphic wallpaper that will contribute an ever-so-slightest hint of color.

Photography by SFGIRLBYBAY

The most simple method of giving a space more life? Fresh florals, if you ask us! Whether they’re picked straight from the garden or sourced from the grocery store, flowers have the ability to lend the most effortlessly chic element to just about any space.

Photography by DECORPAD

Offset the sterility of an all-white kitchen by adding in textured pieces with more contemporary elements. In this compact pantry, white subway tiles come with a dark grout and instantly impart the area with a more defined finish.


Whitewashed minimalism and kid-friendly spaces may not quite go hand-in-hand but, a vibrant burst of color can certainly go a long way. In this style-focused playroom, a graphic yellow detail supplies the room with a playful element and plenty of personality.


Distract from the lack of color in a room by bringing in a statement piece of a vibrant palette or pattern. We love the idea of setting up a cozy nook with a graphic chair and

colorful side table


Photography by CARAVAGGIO

If you’re truly a stickler for going with the total whitewash aesthetic, utilize crown moldings to give your space a little added character. Try to incorporate more faceted pieces into the decor – such as vases, coffee tables, or pendants – even if they lack color.


From color-coded bookshelves to mini bookcases that partake in the whitewashed theme, when it comes to organizing books, think of it as an opportunity to get playful with the details. For the spaces that come with wall-to-wall or built-in bookshelves, outfit the area with a colorful landing pad, or incorporate decorative accents and framed prints within the shelves.

Photography by VOGUE AUSTRALIA

Elect window treatments that will not only enhance the finish of the room, but will also establish a more complete aesthetic. Here, sheer white curtains fall in line with the surrounding elements of the room, all the while offering an elegant yet simple touch.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Albeit dreamy and undoubtedly picture-perfect, whitewashed kitchens aren’t always the most practical, especially for the avid cook. Offset the stark aesthetic by installing a graphic floor tile or by taking to the windows with an unexpected sliver of color.

Photography by FIONA LYNCH

Take to the walls with works of art, to instill a dynamic element to the decor. Borrow a common hue from the wall art, and incorporate it into a decorative accent in the form of a throw pillow, rug, or window treatments.

Photography by DITTE ISAGER

Integrate cozy textures in the form of throws, pillows, or staple furnishings. A single velvet sofa or armchair can impart an all-white space with a luxurious element that’s hard to rival.

Photography by JACK ARCHER

Bring in an assortment of plants and designate them to an empty corner of a room. Not only will they extend a more organic element to your home, but will also contribute depth with a fresh perspective.

Photography by FIONA LYNCH

Use sleek metallics in the form of hardware (drawer pulls or knobs) or as cabinet fronts, to inspire a more lustrous detail within the decor of the room. In this ultra modern kitchen, a copper sheet-wrapped counter base goes above and beyond the standard concept of a focal point, lending the area one very chic finish.


For the style-focused entryway lacking color and life, we can’t think of a better cure than a vibrant splash of paint, earmarked for the door. In this serene foyer, a soft shade of blush provides the area with more than enough personality to go around. Bonus points for the lustrous chandelier that completes the look.