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Are you, too, the Goldilocks of mascara? Every single traditional mascara runs and smudges, but waterproof mascaras are too difficult to remove and too much of a struggle for everyday use. If you are with me in this conundrum, then, friends, I have your answer:

tubular mascara

. Prepare to rejoice for this mascara formula that’s “just right.”

Also known as tube-forming mascara, tubular mascaras use polymer-based formulations to create tiny tubes that wrap around each lash. They’re perfect for everyday use, they won’t budge a moment. Oil cannot penetrate them. But a wash of warm water can, which is how you’ll wash it off at night. Just a single wash of water, and you can watch the tube polymers run down the sink, an oddly satisfying, yet kind of freakish thing to behold.

You’ve got plenty of excellent tubular mascaras to choose from—here are a few of our favorites (p.s.: Tubular mascaras are the perfect vacation staple—you don’t need to pack eye makeup remover with you, and it can withstand the heat and humidity.)

Blinc, $26

This is the OG. Blinc actually invented the science of “tube-forming” mascara technology. There is an original, and a volumizing version—both are smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant, and flake-proof.


Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara, $31

This option is focused on lengthening. It also boasts that it’s a 24-hour formula that lengthens even the shortest hairs for a lush look.


d.j.v. MIARAY Fiberwig, $19

This is Japan’s number one best selling mascara. It has a “Film Coating” technology, but you’ll like it because it doesn’t budge an inch, and it also has three extracts that help moisturize and nourish lashes.


No7 Stay Perfect Mascara, $10

This one is volumizing, lenthening, smudge-proof, and is only $10.

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