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Never underestimate the power of a serum. No, seriously, the reason why we even implement serums into our skincare routine is because they are designed to penetrate the skin deeply in order to deliver active ingredients in a way that our moisturizers can’t. So, whether you’re looking to combat dryness, aging, or any other specific skincare issue, adding a serum into your  routine can majorly help fight the good fight.

The only question that remains: which serum do you pick? To help you save money and time, we asked our editors which serums are their tried and true favorites. Take a look at their solid picks ahead, and hook yourself up. You (and your skin!) deserve it.

Aknari Brightening Youth Serum, Mun, $95

“I’m obsessed with this serum. Years ago, I worked with a makeup artist on a fashion shoot who had developed this serum that she put on models before applying their make up. They always looked so fresh! When she applied it to my face, I was instantly hooked. My skin immediately felt hydrated, and the natural scents are intoxicating.” – Kate Berry, Style Director

C E Ferulic, SkinCeuticals, $165

“When a product is continuously praised by dermatologist, editors, and daily users, years after its introduction, you know it’s good. Hardworking SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is my gold star product, I use it every morning, no matter what. It’s got an intense blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid to overall reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, prevent loss of firmness, and it dramatically brightens your complexion. Magic! And shockingly, once it’s absorbed, this serum remains effective and actively working for a minimum of 72 hours.” – Kristin Limoges, Associate Lifestyle Editor 

Facial Treatment Oil, SK-II, $150

“I’m trying to keep my routine simple (face wash, rose water spritz, oil, and done), so I opt for SKII Oil or pharmacy-bought rosehip oil. It does the trick!” – Alex Redgrave, Executive Editor


Huxley Oil Essence, Glow Recipe, $58

“If you are new to the serum game (like me) and are not used to having lots of product on your skin, Huxley Oil Essence is perfect—it’s super lightweight, and gives your skin that much sought after glow.” – Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor


Vital Treatment Essence, Blithe, $42

“While this is technically an essence, it functions the same way as a serum in that you apply it to freshly cleansed skin. I have really dry, sensitive skin (and bags under my eyes that just won’t quit). This is the only thing I’ve tried before moisturizer that have people complimenting my skin. The best part is that the bottle is big, and you only need a little each use, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.” – Rachel Besser, Market Editor


Oxygen Serum + HOCL, $38

“Lumion Skin Serum is one of my faves. It contains hypochlorous acid, which is actually an amazing bacteria killer, and it also has sea salt to exfoliate and moisturize. It’s an amazing all-in-one serum” – Nikhita Mahtani, Digital Editor