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Innisfree is about to be the word on everybody’s lips—for a plethora of good reasons.

By now, everyone knows that Korean beauty is amazing—their skincare and beauty science and advancements are sometimes years ahead of US-based brands, and they are masters at discovering incredible trends

cushion foundation

, double cleansing, and sheet masks to just name a few favorites). So, it’s no small feat to be named Korea’s number one beauty brand—a title that Innisfree claims.

For years, K-Beauty devotees have wished for a place to buy Innisfree goods IRL, and now, finally, the brand is finally coming to the States: This September, Innisfree will open its first brick-and-mortar store in the US in New York City’s Union Square.

Innisfree was launched over 17 years ago by Suh Sung-whan, who also founded K-Beauty favorite Amorepacific. In fact, the Pacific island, Jeju, that grows the USDA organic-certified products for all your favorites at Amorepacific also grows for Innisfree, too.

But there is a major price difference between the two: While most Amorepacific items cost $50 or more, most Innisfree skincare products are between $20 to $30; makeup between $10 to $25; and sheet masks start at $1.80. Yes, $1.80. Your sheet masks will cost less than your morning coffee.

Normally such a low price point would scare us off with concerns over quality, but Innisfree is specifically focused on price shortcuts that will allow for luxury quality at drugstore prices. A few key ways they’re making this happen is by using recycled plastic containers for all products and having highly-organized mass production efforts according to season and availability of products. If that’s not reassuring enough, the company has more than 170 patents for their quality techniques and beauty discoveries.

With over 900+ products available in skincare, makeup, men’s, body, hair and fragrance, Innisfree might be a touch overwhelming with all there is to see, but let us recommend some outstanding winners.

It’s Real Squeeze Masks

With 16 sheet masks to choose from, Innisfree is guaranteed to have an option for every skin type or concern—and yes, they are only $1.80 each. The cost is meant to encourage daily masking (a mask a day keeps the skin issues away), and with their unique three-layer sheet allowing the targeted concentrate to absorb more gradually for promised benefits.

My Cushion

On the makeup side, the revolutionary $25 cushion foundation is available in two innovative formulas (matte full coverage and glowy light coverage) with an impressive 102 customizable case designs, and four different applicators according to the coverage you prefer.

Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed

Eight of these insanely hydrating products is sold every minute. It’s lightweight and potently moisturizing with Jeju Island grown green tea (and a patented technique with freshly squeezed green tea extract), but also because it’s only $25.

Pore Clearing Clay Mousse Mask with Super Volcanic Cluster

This innovative mask completely sold out within 15 days of release in Korea, proving this smooth and lightweight pulverized volcanic cluster mousse (pulverized method is patented, too) really is special, and is more clarifying and oil-absorbing than red clay or mud. (Oh, and it’s only $19.)

In case September is much too far away, or you’re not based in NY, all products are available at innisfree.com. You’re skin’s moisture barrier will thank you with that coveted K-beauty dewy look.

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