Published on January 19, 2019

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Imagery by Aaron Bengochea

You can pretty much find anything on Amazon. Seriously—anything from groceries to clothing to even a tiny home can be yours at the click of a button and the benefit of Prime delivery. That said, with an abundance of choice comes a potentially overwhelming shopping experience; there’s so much to pick from that sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. This is how you end up with a cookie-dunking spoon in your cart without knowing how it got there.

So it’s a heartening discovery when you learn that some of your favorite minimalist brands are readily available on Amazon. When you have a set list of retailers to check for any and all decorative or organizational needs, finding the perfect minimalist piece is a lot easier. From Yamazaki Home to Umbra to Muji, we found some of the best products that’ll help you simplify your home, once and for all.

For the entryway…

With space for both shoes and coats, this is the only piece of furniture your entryway needs. Prop it up in a corner and keep the rest of your space clean and clutter-free.

Speaking of keeping spaces clean, who says cleaning tools need to be boring? This Muji piece is so sleek that you won’t have to worry about displaying it. If you’re in a smaller home where hall space is tight, keep this hung on your wall for easy access.

For lipstick checks, hair zhooshing, and everything in between. Besides being purely decorative, a mirror will also open up and add depth to your tiny entry.

For the living room…

Get you a coffee table that does more than just provide a surface. This mid-century piece also includes a curved ending to hold your newspapers and magazines.

Plants add a homey feel to any space, but if colorful planters and large, boxy pots aren’t your style, opt for something a little simpler. Umbra’s ceramic planter is just the contemporary sculptural piece you need to kick-start your collection of greenery.

Storage vessels don’t need to be ugly. This simple white basket with wooden handles won’t detract from the minimal feel of your living room, but it’s the perfect solution to hold anything from throw blankets to candles.

For the kitchen…

Greyscale is the ultimate minimalist color palette. Add a bit of Scandinavian flair to your countertops with these stylish spice grinders.

A soggy kitchen sponge is not very chic—give it a home safely tucked away in your sink, courtesy of this little caddy. We love the seafoam green for a tiny pop of color.

One product to keep all your most-used kitchen knives tidy and within reach. If you’re not big on having countertop products, the condensed silhouette is small enough to fit in your cabinets too.

A tablescape tool all minimalists can get behind—whip this out at your next brunch to enjoy serving tea in style.

For the bedroom…

The easiest way to keep a closet or clothing rack looking uniform and organized is by springing for matching hangers. Durable wooden ones are a timeless choice.

While this cake stand may be traditionally meant for serving tasty snacks, we think a better use of it would be in the bedroom—place it on your dresser or vanity to act as a catchall for jewelry and perfumes.

Good for both bedroom textiles and overflow from your closet, this two-tone wooden ladder will bring a rustic touch to your space.

For the bathroom…

Small enough to fit in the tiniest of bathrooms and stylish enough to stay in line with your minimalist decor scheme, this trash bin is a utilitarian piece you won’t feel stressed about keeping out in the open.

You take care to choose your shampoos and soaps carefully, so why not pay the same amount of attention to how they are displayed? A sleek caddy keeps everything clean and is a great way to avoid getting rings on your bathtub.

Instead of having to buy new soap every time you run out, cut down on waste (and unsightly plastic containers) by purchasing a chic refillable bottle.

According to one Domino editor, this was the best money she ever spent for her bathroom. The Muji toothbrush holder is small, stylish, and germ-free way to deal with one of the less exciting products in your medicine cabinet.

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