If You Have No Idea What Your Design Style Is, Take This Quiz

Mid-century modern or Scandinavian chic?

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Picture this: You plan your dream vacation, book what looks like the perfect accommodation, spend months looking forward to it… only to arrive and see that the chic hotel you thought you booked is actually a dated disaster. While it’s not the end of the world, it’s definitely a bummer to find your holiday setting to be anything less than ideal. If you’re someone who is easily affected by your surroundings, make sure your vacation rental is on par with your favorite design style, and now, Airbnb just launched a tool that’ll make the search for a design-forward home even easier.

We teamed up with the vacation rental site to create a personal quiz that’ll demystify your design style. You’ll be asked to pick your favorite rooms from a bevy of options, as well as answer questions about your go-to color palettes and personality traits. Once you have your design personality determined, you can pick from a curated list of stylish Airbnbs that best reflect it—narrowing down the seemingly never-ending choice of homes and apartments available on the site.

Even if you’re not planning a trip, the handy quiz is super helpful in pinpointing your favorite aesthetic. Having the vocabulary to express your design interests is always useful—it makes furniture and decor shopping a breeze (if you know you’re mid-century modern, you can skip right through the bohemian section of a store or website), plus it helps you curate a list of inspiration blogs and designers with similar styles to follow.

Ahead, we’re breaking down the five trending styles you’ll find in Airbnb’s new quiz. Better yet, take the quiz here. 


This one’s probably the easiest to explain, as most design dichotomies include maximalist and minimalist options. Following a “less is more” mantra, minimalists abide by simplicity: Think clean lines, muted neutrals, and contemporary finishes. If you love minimalism, look to brands like Muji and Umbra for smart and sleek home products that won’t clutter your space.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, eclectic style is governed by the total lack of rules. If you love mixing a range of styles and your worst nightmare is a simple, neutral space, there’s a very good chance this is your favored style. Check out some of our favorite eclectic homes, like this sunny Florida home and this richly saturated artist’s studio, for some inspo on mastering the style.


Calming hues and tonal colors blend with a smattering of natural materials in the best  Scandinavian homes. One of the most universally beloved styles, Scandi-chic is definitely having a moment—its simple-but-sophisticated ethos is easy to adapt for any space. According to Niki Brantmark, the blogger behind Nordic style bible My Scandinavian Home, the key to perfecting this timeless aesthetic lies in simple, earthy tones. “Scandinavian design is centered around a calm, pared-back look. [Muted shades] brighten up the space on the darkest of days but also create a wonderfully serene feel,” she says.


Do you worship at the church of Justina Blakeney and have more plants than you know what to do with? Congratulations! Your style is most likely bohemian. Whimsical and creative, the best bohemian spaces employ color and pattern in carefree—yet somehow, perfectly complementary—ways. Try this style at home by opting for an eclectic array of vintage furniture and globally inspired finds to channel your inner artist.

Mid-Century Modern

A classic for a reason, mid-century-modern style is all about retro-inspired style and sleek lines. Open floor plans, large glass windows, and angled ceilings characterize the architecture of mid-century modern; staples like Eames chairs and Noguchi tables are among the best-known decor pieces from the time period. Channel the best of Mad Men and shop the style; Target’s Project 62 line is a budget-friendly spot to find great picks that mimic the original style of the period.

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