I Tried Eva Longoria’s New Cookware—Here’s How It Performed Against My Favorite Pan

The big question: Could the set fit in my narrow cabinets?
Risa Cookware Set in Deep Blue
Courtesy of Risa

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As a self-professed basic cook who lacks the patience to expand her skill set, I average two to four homemade meals a week. Single-serving, no-brainer dishes like omelets, casseroles, and simple pasta recipes get me through most days.

Full disclosure: I rely heavily on an off-brand, nonstick fry pan that’s well past its expiration date. Using this weathered pan, along with Instagram ads for pretty pots, however, has made me ever more cognizant of my desired cookware qualities: a well-made set that is aesthetically pleasing, dishwasher-and budget-friendly, and big enough to accommodate large batches or grill several salmon filets at a time. All that, and still small enough to fit into narrow cabinets.

I recently tested the Risa Cookware Set (risa translates to “laugh” in Spanish), a culinary partnership between Heyday and actor Eva Longoria. After a two-week stint with the pan-and-pot combo, they proved to be the kind of products a solo dweller like myself would be pretty into. Read on for my full review of the Risa set, including how it performed, how easy it is to store, and how it held up after multiple washes.

The Risa Cookware Set

Currently available on sale for $199 at Risa Kitchen and Amazon, the set includes an 11-inch, 4.5-quart sauté pan and a 10-inch, 8-quart stockpot with matching lids and pot holders. The cookware is nontoxic and oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and contains a nonstick, sol-gel ceramic coating, which works exceptionally well for the easily distracted types who occasionally overcook food (more on this later).

The Cooking and Cleanup

Confession time: I burned the first meal I cooked in the Risa pan. The charring was consistent (proof of even heat distribution, ha!), and to my relief, the bits of chicken carbonara slid right out of the pan. I concur with the reviewer who referred to the lids’ ergonomic handles as “genius.” Plus they sit securely on their side, which allowed me to sample some Italian turkey sausage and white bean soup without making a mess on the stove or countertop. Handwashing is the recommended cleaning method, but I tested the dishwasher-safe claim and found that the leftover food particles came off in a single cycle, with no signs of wear and tear on the aluminum or nonstick surface. I also own Our Place’s Mini Perfect Pot and Mini Always Pan, but Risa’s handle design alone has me favoring it for weeknight meals.

The Look and Storage 

As a fan of colorful cookware, the deep blue colorway (also available in cool gray and natural ivory) drew me in. It’s far too pretty to be stored out of sight, so I didn’t mind sacrificing a little bit of stovetop space for the pan; its slender profile does allow it to slide ride into cabinets, even small ones. The pot will likely see less use—I typically cook smaller meals—but in the meantime, it also fits into my cabinets with ease. Another perk? The price is on par with some of our favorite cookware sets, like this four-piece Caraway deal for $395.

The Last Word

The Risa Cookware Set would be a go-to for a small household, and the smart lid design, dishwasher-friendliness, and nonstick coating all lower the barriers to the act of cooking. We’d suggest hosts of large gatherings look elsewhere, as they may feel under-equipped with the available sizes and styles. And while Risa doesn’t have multiple color palettes to choose from, the available ones are all nice to look at, as is the overall design. While our first rodeo with Risa has gone well, the brand has only been on the market for a month. As Heyday’s first foray into cookware collaborations, I’m keen to use the set for a while longer to see how it holds up over time. Until then, I’ll be tinkering and testing in my “lab” (yes, that’s my small kitchen).

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