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The best part of living through any renovation is the moment the construction dust settles and you get to finally fill your new space with equally pretty things. No one knows this better than best-selling author, TV personality, and brand-new mom Elaine Welteroth, who recently underwent a home transformation while in full-on “nesting mode” (during her third trimester!). “I have a very high standard for anything that can go back into this new kitchen,” Welteroth tells us. “If it’s old, ugly, or hard to use, it doesn’t get to move in with me.” As a first-time mother, she’s focused on bringing in essentials that will both feed her family and the aesthetic of her new space. 

Welteroth recently teamed up with Ninja for the cookware company’s Recipe of Me campaign to shed light on the importance of creating cooking rituals. “I have this responsibility to continue the family tradition through what I make in the kitchen for my baby as he grows up,” she notes. It was a bonus to discover that Ninja’s tools perfectly matched the marble backsplash she just installed in her space. To complement the earthy-colored swirls, Welteroth opted for the seven-quart NeverStick Premium Set PossiblePot and four-quart PossiblePan in olive green (the duo also comes in macaron blue, sea salt gray, cherry tart, and smoked paprika). “They’re so pretty. I like to leave them on the stovetop and look at them,” she admits.  

While the pieces are nice to look at, they’re also highly efficient. As a self-proclaimed “newbie chef,” the fact that Welteroth can whip up easy-to-cook (and clean—they’re dishwasher safe!) one-pot meals is a game changer. These days, a go-to is her Smothered Cabbage Soup With Smoked Sausage and Potatoes, which blends the multicultural flavors of her African American and German Irish heritage within a single dish. The nonstick PossiblePan can replace 12 cooking tools and even includes a basket for steaming anything from veggies to dumplings. It can also easily go from stovetop to oven to table, giving you one less piece of serveware to wash. 

Now through June 15, 100 lucky home chefs will have a chance to win the Ninja Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan and a $100 grocery credit by sharing your Recipe of Me on social media by tagging #RecipeOfMe and @ninjakitchen. Even if you don’t have a new reno to enjoy, it doesn’t hurt to spruce up your current situation with a few beautiful pots and pans.